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All things ⚽ for @ESPN. Commentator, Studio Analyst. Host of #CalcioCast. eSports Caster. Insert self deprecating line here.

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One of our #CalcioCast  patrons wanted me to do a goal call in Italian with his name, so here it was. Pardon the terrible free kick. @CliffEsmiol 

Just like it was in 2010, @CalciopediaENG  is the best Serie A follow on Twitter. If you don’t follow him and you’re a calcio fan, well, what are you doing?!

Anyone here have a Steelcase Gesture or Leap at home? If so, how do you like it?

What a fight this is between Quarantillo and Benitez. #FOTN  #UFCVegas31 

New Episode of #CalcioCast ! IT Previewing The Top Sides in Serie A 🔢 Ranking The Best Managers 💶 Transfer Rumor Talk 📝 Giroud, Brahim Diaz Analysis

@blvckgianni  It would’ve been even crazier in mid 2020 to say that Chiesa in his first season at Juventus would go on to be one of their three best players and then become a champion with the Azzurri.

Its off again after I was dubbed the representative of big media. Until next year.

This has been such a fun #UFCVegas32  Now for the main card and the return of TJ Dillashaw… Who else is watching?!


Great time to remind everyone that Atalanta have the same wage bill as 15th place Championship side Reading

26 freaking matches undefeated for Milan in Serie A. For all the fans that kept watching despite the Chinese ownership, Fassone and Mirabelli, Keisuke Honda and Gabi Paletta, Alessio Cerci and Gustavo Gomez... this one’s for you. Buon natale.

In honor of Matteo Pessina scoring at the #EURO2020  tournament with #ITA  today, here he was showing up to training with an autographed Pornhub bag.

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Leo Bonucci, who a few years ago said that Moise Kean had a 50-50 role in getting racially abused by Cagliari fans because “he shouldn’t have celebrated that way”, is now the PR spokesman of the Azzurri and is going to be explaining why the team will not kneel before the match.

Three topics to avoid on social media if you want to improve your quality of life - Politics - Lionel Messi - Cristiano Ronaldo

Summary of Milan's last decade: 2011: Rebuild 2012: Rebuild 2013: Rebuild 2014: Rebuild 2015: Rebuild 2016: Rebuild 2017: Rebuild 2018: Rebuild 2019: Rebuild 2020: Rebuild

The only teams you should be praising right now are the ones that said no from the beginning, not the ones that are coming back now with the tails between their legs.