Burton Jr / Purple Heart / Holocaust

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Burton Jr / Purple Heart / Holocaust

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This is so well done. Classic boy who cried wolf. No one believes them anymore.

As tensions in Hong Kong continue to escalate, district elections could be the next casualty

Republicans defend Trump as concerned with corruption, but aides tell a different story

Hunter Biden may be the baby daddy, but Democrats will try and find some way to blame @realDonaldTrump 

Has @DevinNunes  heard any of the testimony so far?

As two key witnesses testify in the impeachment inquiry, Trump's former top Russia adviser is expected to refute a crucial GOP claim. Follow live updates:

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'We all drink deeply from wells of freedom and liberty that we did not dig.' — @CoryBooker  didn't hold anything back during the 5th Dem debate (In partnership with @netflix ) #sponsored 

This woman was ready to give the shirt off her own back to save a koala from an Australian bushfire

Today would be a good day for @realDonaldTrump  to release his tax returns.

The idea that some of our top experts on Ukraine are closed minded to this info (and at least one said he was entirely unaware of it) but were making important decisions, could be considered disturbing.