Jeff Bezos

A climate project based on the idea that we can store carbon in soil recently received $30 million from Jeff Bezos. But many soil researchers aren't convinced by the underlying science, writes @GabrielPopkin  for @QuantaMagazine .

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Jeff Bezos

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Podium at #UNGA  being sanitized before President Biden appears - this following a speech by Brazilian Pres. Bolsonaro, who is unvaccinated.

Blackpink’s Lisa Ties BTS’s Suga On The U.K. Charts In One Very Specific Way

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Drone footage captured the moment lava from Spain's La Palma volcano engulfed homes and transformed a backyard swimming pool into a steaming sauna of molten rock.

DHS says it is investigating images of Border Patrol attacking asylum seekers with whips. Some were attacked while bringing food/water to Haitians trapped at the border in 104°F heat. One man said: "This treatment they are giving is racism, because of the color of our skin."

China Evergrande shares fell again on default fears as markets looked for possible intervention by Beijing to stem any domino effects across the global economy

I got the Moderna vaccine on the advice of my doctor. About a week later my blood pressure suddenly shot up over 200 and was hospitalized with a heart problem that I did not have before I got the vaccine. I did not get the second dose.

Pres. Biden addresses UN General Assembly on pandemic: “Our shared grief is a poignant reminder that our collective future will hinge on our ability to recognize our common humanity and to act together.”

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers secured the Del Rio sector of the southern border. We’re doing Biden’s job for him. I’m headed to Del Rio today. Stay tuned.

A reporter in Melbourne said he had been grabbed by the neck, had urine poured on him, and was hit by a can during #COVID19  protests in Australia. Get more news from around the world: