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Tech experts weigh in on the future of their industry: “There is simply no reason to believe that technology can strengthen democracy.” @alexismadrigal  reports:

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Big. Dr. Fauci: "We know now for sure that the mitigation that we have been doing is having a positive effect but you don't see it until weeks later...Don't get complacent about that."

The most cynical interpretation of all this, one I can't quite bring myself to accept, is they rolled out the model showing 100k deaths after they knew it would be less than that so they could anchor everyone to that # and take a vicotry lap when "only" tens of thousands died.

He made an I-used-to-sleep-with-models joke *IN THE MIDDLE* of describing the projections of hundreds of thousands of Americans dying.

Dr. Fauci pressing black ppl to do social distancing saying health disparities won't be solved soon. He said: "I plead w/ all of us in the population but particularly for those of us, our brothers & sisters in the African American community bc we know that mitigation does work.”

Coronavirus cases, worldwide. 8th of February: 37,000 8th of March: 109,000 Now: 1,520,000

JUST IN: President Trump says the WHO 'got it wrong' on coronavirus

Lockdowns can't end until Covid-19 vaccine found, study says

Dr. Fauci is pleading especially w/ black ppl to social distance bc they are more likely to have underlying conditions & die from coronavirus. Context: For some, social distancing is a privilege. Black ppl in many cities are more likely to hold jobs that they can't do from home.

more good news: apparently when you run you leave a jet trail of spit in your wake that can be “10 to 15 metres” long sharing in case you’re cropdusting strangers with the rona

‘Together, we have have transformed American consciousness as to what kind of nation we can become.’ — Bernie Sanders ended his 2020 presidential campaign with this message of hope for a political revolution that outlives the senator’s candidacy