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Little is known about the lasting effects of witnessing a public suicide, but research suggests it can be traumatic, writes @alicelrobb https://t.co/0f9513z41H
President Trump gave the U.S. Naval Academy's 2018 commencement address. Read it in full here: https://t.co/wBaJIIuk4C
Even more than Trump and Kim want a summit, they both want the other one to want it even more than them, writes @GrahamDavidA https://t.co/MxUNRTQAix
'The Tale' on HBO is a searing, restorative investigation of past abuse, writes @davidlsims https://t.co/KVP5lRKttb
As Irish voters decide whether to liberalize the country's restrictive abortion laws, the Catholic Church has all but vanished from the debate: https://t.co/VZ2ZMibIkC
Donald Trump's Republican-led war on U.S. intelligence agencies is working, @NatashaBertrand writes, and public opinion is shifting as a result https://t.co/FKd4dV0YPO
.@olgakhazan reports on two recent studies that suggest yogurt might be anti-inflammatory https://t.co/p9IFX0KC7d
The two most important college-admissions criteria now mean less than they used to, writes @jselingo https://t.co/bD6kCMTa9i
There's a lot Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un may not know about their own nuclear standoff, writes @PerkovichG: https://t.co/TRjp3HPWVV
The wildfire that burned @KendraAtleework's hometown was a "natural" disaster likely caused by power lines. She writes: "When people consider wildfire—even wildfire caused by human tools—it seems to us as inescapable as lightning." https://t.co/JrMrmpgH5q
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