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Latest Scoops

The Assad regime is publishing the names of the activists it has killed since 2011. For the friends & family of those killed, the news brings only despair. rep@samdagherorts: https://t.co/bGylxZ2f92
The top editor at 'Task & Purpose' resigned last week after the site's CEO requested more conservative coverage, wri@ScottNovertes https://t.co/65wRgUfL0f
Unpopular presidents have typically stayed off the campaign trail. But Trump can't help but stump, @DickPolman1 writes: https://t.co/NzcNU1opsc
Punta Cometa, Mexico, is known as Cerro Sagrado, or Sacred Hill. Here, people live and die by the rhythms of the sea—keenly attuned to its ebb and flow, ever-captivated by its mysteries. From @TheAtlVideo: https://t.co/AdiifJjiDo
Why U.S. presidents stopped secretly taping their conversations, from Marc Selverstone https://t.co/gIftVlXkAh
"My goal in visiting both government and opposition leaders in Russia is to promote dialogue...and continued progress on reducing nuclear arms," writes @RandPaul https://t.co/Iw27NBo8Q9
"It is your right as an American to read what you will, to write what you think, and to publish what you believe." @TheAtlantic joins more than 200 publications standing in support of a free press: https://t.co/DwKOXMOGJ7
What began as a popular Instagram account is transforming into a media brand built on memes. @TaylorLorenz reports on Daquan: https://t.co/26QYRdqw59
Why in the world was https://t.co/O3Bp2s6sfz selling an inspirational poster with a quote about end-user license agreements by @Annaleen? @alexismadrigal investigates the long, weird tail: https://t.co/ff0IaI6eOc
Photos of the tiny South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu, a country battling rising sea levels with limited resources, from @TheAtlPhoto: https://t.co/slWhyif2Mb
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