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Samuel Park's second novel gracefully portrays the work of a caregiver as not merely depleting, but also affirming, writes @RosaISmith https://t.co/r1UTtWGCZ1
Small-scale dairy farms are struggling to stay alive in the global economy, but robots may help, @elodie_reed reports https://t.co/dgbdv2Rgeo
In India, thousands are embracing apps that allow them to pay for a ritual to be performed on their behalf. @SigalSamuel reports: https://t.co/XVG6j4j9ge
"There can be some value to publishing seemingly outrageous ideas." Readers debate the implications of an academic hoax, from @TheAtlNotes: https://t.co/VYoJdjV7wz
From @TheAtlVideo: A Russian mail-order bride and a jaw-dropping twist https://t.co/vEstcHytB8
At one Los Angeles distillery, a super-bright version of a tanning bed for whiskey is taking the science of barrel aging to task, @Gastropodcast reports https://t.co/UQyJ1ywYYY
.@olgakhazan reports on what happens when abortion is illegal: https://t.co/z4wPuER6Oa
This week on Radio Atlantic, we wrestle with the crisis in American higher education. @gillianbwhite discusses how a college degree became entwined with student debt:
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Astronomers still don't know where extreme, intergalactic pulses of energy called fast radio bursts come from. But they're getting a lot better at detecting them, @marinakoren reports. https://t.co/4lhBIUVCvM
The hardware woes that forced the Hubble Space Telescope into "safe mode" are part of a larger trend among NASA's aging rovers and observatories, @marinakoren reports https://t.co/5Bl548hYee
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