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.@maximduncan’s short documentary tells the story of a family torn apart by the forces of China’s rapid modernization: A 14 year-old girl cares for her siblings on a small farm, while her parents are a thousand miles away, working 11-hour days at a factory https://t.co/EF7SZ6wyC7
.@robertfoconnell on the issue at the heart of Major League Baseball's free-agency debate https://t.co/LSyxRI97hb
Why is Justin Trudeau being snubbed in India? @kcalamur takes a look https://t.co/hVI4yWzWQO
Iraq will have to stand behind Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani to curb Iran's influence, writes @RanjAlaaldin: https://t.co/rg08n1laQT
Sixty years ago, an Atlantic piece on Billy Graham cost the magazine subscribers, Annika Neklason reports: https://t.co/gsw07Q1eL4
Justice Clarence Thomas’s consistent pro-gun arguments fail to reconcile rights with their lived consequences, argues @Profepps https://t.co/KJHdTaJntJ
Trump's proposal to ban bump stocks is more performative than meaningful, reports @elainejgodfrey: https://t.co/ZBJfIz63iy
How would you react to the discovery of extraterrestrial life? @marinakoren on the psychology of handling alien news https://t.co/ASLA0TIjAd
An interview with the author of Blue Dreams on the frustrating inadequacy of antidepressants, by @olgakhazan https://t.co/MzFt2Q9MSZ
Educators across the country speak with @AshleyLambS about the heavy burden of teaching in an era of school shootings and fear: https://t.co/aQeH2bI1Mm
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