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Without easy access to Suboxone and other medications, people addicted to heroin continue to perish at a terrifying rate, writes @olgakhazan.
Sheck Wes, Cypress Hill, Marianne Faithfull, and more: @skornhaber, @ethiopienne, and James Parker on the 23 best albums of 2018: https://t.co/OMNO6rg2rx
Is it everyone's duty to shield kids from truth about Santa? Some parents' protective measures are other parents' headaches, writes @AshleyFetters https://t.co/pS16osMmKw
With the advent of modern plumbing, doctors began prescribing showers and baths to asylum patients, writes @sarahzhang https://t.co/IaqbhMg9Ey
If you've ever had the overwhelming desire to squeeze a chubby baby leg, that might be your brain trying to snap you out of a cuteness stupor, writes @amandamull https://t.co/dgjdtmnPDZ
Trump said Tuesday that people "including terrorists" are "pouring into our country." Trump's misleading claim that migrants commit more terror attacks is big difference from how past administrations discussed immigration, @kgilsinan argues: https://t.co/UfyPfyYnhG
A relatively straightforward non-binding migration deal is causing a furor in Europe. @emilyrs and @kcalamur explore what is causing such controversy:
“The essence of campaigns today is anger and fear. That’s how you win.” @jarding_steve tells @cduhigg https://t.co/s2eWp5s6s3
A few extra dollars on a university’s part might go a long way in terms of changing whether low-income students apply and enroll, writes @AdamHSays. https://t.co/bsQjGmkgR4
The political left “perfected the politics of anger,” and now both sides of the aisle use it to their benefit. But all that madness has consequences, @cduhigg argues: https://t.co/xWaf8J232I
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