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Pro-life marchers told @elainejgodfrey that President Trump 'has a lot to be proud of' in his first year in office: https://t.co/hbR3hw6O39
.@JustADCohen on the odd story behind the law that dictates government shutdowns https://t.co/RvV0V81Mh2
What can we learn from comparing the rise and fall of Steve Bannon and Nigel Farage? @YasmeenSerhan takes a look https://t.co/GOQnUq8oJY
.@conor64 on the significance of millions taking to the streets https://t.co/pUqzhToGEV
Low-wage workers are finally getting a raise, @annielowrey writes https://t.co/LjOeWspyEN
With hours to go and no deal at hand, a government shutdown is near, @russellberman reports: https://t.co/bYlEGQQeX3
"if the Russians were laundering money through the Trump Organization, the Russians would know it, the president would know it," @RepAdamSchiff tells @GrahamDavidA: https://t.co/n3QZ57UdWz
Pro-life, pro-science: How members of the movement are rallying around research in support of their cause. @emmaogreen reports: https://t.co/YauKveyv3J
Do a series of wins over the last four months show Trump is hitting his stride or do they mark the beginning of the end? @GrahamDavidA writes: https://t.co/kFE5HT5l7B
Trump will try to minimize a government shutdown by not fully shutting down the government, @russellberman reports: https://t.co/WMAKfXdfg3
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