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The only Republican lawmaker to publicly oppose Brett Kavanaugh is Representative Justin Amash, who cites the judge's rulings on privacy. Can he get Rand Paul to join him? @russellberman reports: https://t.co/SWLiJcOBke
"Intelligence leaders can warn away, but for warning to succeed, policymakers must act," writes @AmyZegart:https://t.co/PTiEiV6WBh
Trump's comments about Russian meddling are part of a weeklong meltdown, writes @GrahamDavidA: https://t.co/bzXl7IbsoU
"In the era of President Donald Trump, shame has lost its moral force," argues @JamesTraub1: https://t.co/KNY3Cm2RBb
The Republican ad assault on Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is now in its 12th year, but it may not work in the ‘18 mid-terms. @DickPolman1 explains: https://t.co/tSf1A9h4tO
"Republicans want to argue that Russia did something wrong to influence the election’s outcome, while rebuffing questions about whether the outcome of the election was wrongly influenced. This is not a sustainable position," argues @davidfrum:https://t.co/BKI505lF9B
Was Putin's reference to financier turned human-rights activist William Browder a big tell? asks @natashabertrand: https://t.co/eatlZy20IL
All of the times Trump has blamed Russia for the election hack, he's blamed others, too, @kcalamur writes:https://t.co/6ZagGhb9eE
President Trump offered a radically different view of Russian interference on Tuesday than he did on Monday, reports @GrahamDavidA: https://t.co/n2FUtUY1NU
Should Kavanaugh be confirmed to the Court, his views on school-related matters could be hugely consequential for the country, @aliaemily writes. https://t.co/1Q8XZzIs9I
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