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Latest Scoops

.@TimNaftali spent an afternoon with Barbara Bush in 2015, and came to appreciate "her willingness not only to learn about people she didn’t understand, but to recognize she might have been wrong about them." Read his tribute to the former first lady: https://t.co/4SJJQROrn7
.@UriLF argues Trump wants to go big on North Korea: https://t.co/TKPncDffDq
Citizen-led ballot initiatives on Medicaid expansion, government reform, drug policy, and redistricting could be the biggest story of the 2018 election cycle, @fivefifths writes: https://t.co/sqWgpnN1yp
"Removing J. Marion Sims’s statue is not running from history. It is seeing history with the clarity it demands," writes @AdamSerwer: https://t.co/yQdQtUienR
Trump is making even staid, somber figures like James Comey succumb to his weakness for insults, writes @GrahamDavidA https://t.co/54SkgM8g8i
Madeleine Albright argues that Donald Trump is the least democratic president in modern history: https://t.co/dEwRFOm0ta
Mike Pompeo could become the first secretary of state to win confirmation over the objections of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, @russellberman reports: https://t.co/cfKEQ9DlaP
Sean Hannity denies that Michael Cohen was ever his lawyer—but the Fox News host was represented by a pair of legal advisers who also have close links to the president, @RosieGray reports: https://t.co/nwNldnbfJ0
Trump has complained loudly about FBI bias. But new reports reveal that decisions made by a number of Bureau officials, acting out of a variety of motives, injured not Trump’s candidacy—but that of his opponent, writes @AdamSerwer: https://t.co/mOUvH7JQGV
Trump reverses course on sanctions against Russia, @kcalamur takes a look https://t.co/Q71mshxVDJ
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