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Montana: Images of the Treasure State - the 45th in a year-long photo series, focusing on each of the 50 states in the United States of America.

Photos of the Week: Fire Tunnel, Golden Dog, Santa Mask - 35 images from the past seven days, including the calling of the U.S. presidential race, growing COVID-19 cases, a dancer on Bolivia's salt flats, modified electric unicycles, and much more.

Photos: The 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War - 40 images from the recently-ended six-week-long war over territory disputed between Armenia and Azerbaijan, part of a decades-old conflict in the region.

Autumn Colors and Autumn Chill - 21 photos. One last look at the colorful beauty of this autumn, seen in cities and countryside vistas across the Northern Hemisphere. Get cozy in a warm sweater and enjoy.

The 2020 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar - It's that time of year again! Every day, from now until Friday, December 25, we'll be featuring a new awe-inspiring image of our universe, courtesy of NASA’s Hubble telescope. Today: The Bubble Nebula.

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Rescue Dogs At Work After Mexico's Earthquakes - 16 Photos of these animals at work and those who care for them

Superb Owl Sunday III - 28 photos of these magnificent nocturnal hunters. If you have some time today before the big game (or are skipping the event entirely) I invite you to have a look, it was a real hoot putting this together.

Photos: Celebrations in City Streets - 20 early images of people taking to the streets after the media announcement that Democrat Joe Biden had defeated President Donald Trump to become the 46th president of the United States. More photos to be added soon.

Nepal After the Earthquake - 27 photos, immediate aftermath of the devastating 7.8 quake:

Photos of Kilauea's Newest Lava Fissures on Hawaii's Big Island - 24 photos from the past few days of the eruptions opening up under Leilani Estates.

The Fading Battlefields of World War I - 32 images from tortured European landscapes, where the sounds of gunfire that killed so many were silenced when the war ended, a century ago today. #ArmisticeDay100  #WWIcentenary 

Photos: Notre Dame Cathedral Burns in Paris - 14 photos of the disaster, as well as some interior shots from before the fire.