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Latest Scoops

Jasper Johns’s latest work is unmistakably his own, transmitting traces of the past—From the very first painting in his show @MatthewMarks, visitors will find familiar themes
Just over a week from opening, @VOLTAshow is cancelled while @thearmoryshow takes over Pier 90 due to structural issues at its venue. The fairs promise reimbursement but will displaced dealers be left in the financial lurch on shipping and logistics costs?
“In order to shape the narrative, we, as African galleries, have to turn up at these fairs, we have to compete”—@154artfair in Marrakech opens to the public 23 February.
Just over a week before it is due to open, @thearmoryshow is forced to move 60 exhibitors to Pier 90 after structural issues raise concerns at Pier 92. The decision displaces its sister fair @Volta, the 2019 New York edition of which has been suspended
'Allo 'Allo? Artist to install #Brexit phone booth on English beach so callers can leave messages for Europe @thecobgallery
Paris digital art venue @AtelierLumieres is a hit, and expanding abroad, after 1.2 million visitors saw immersive Klimt show
Antonello again? Sicilian master's golden moment continues in Milan with more than two-thirds of his works on show at Palazzo Reale
.@metmuseum receives donation of ten ‘exceptional’ colonial Latin American works out of the blue
All the UK's 150,000 public sculptures to go online—First 1,000 entries were published today @artukdotorg
Sold out: @Dior on track to become @V_and_A’s most successful show ever

The Most Relevant

Sotheby’s 'Banksy-ed' as painting 'self-destructs' live at auction
How Van Gogh's Starry Night was inspired by Hokusai’s Great Wave
Ai Weiwei makes triumphant return to Sydney to open biennial @aiww
Tributes for the art historian Sister Wendy Beckett who has died, aged 88
London's @V_and_A Museum brings Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks to life online
Facebook censors 30,000 year-old Venus of Willendorf as 'pornographic' @NHM_Wien @facebook
The year of Rembrandt with @simon_schama: the art historian gives a personal view of Rembrandt's extraordinary achievements as the world celebrates the 350th anniversary of the Dutch master’s death @rijksmuseum
Kerching! Banksy-note enters @britishmuseum. Di-faced Tenner is artist’s first work to join the collection officially—unlike his 2005 cave painting prank
Artists “should be feared by the powerful" — former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis
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