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Latest Scoops

Trump is calling immigrants snakes the way Hitler called Jews rats.

If you don’t see this, you’re blind.

Trump is now reciting a poem against immigration. This can’t get any crazier. #CPAC2018
BREAKING NEWS: In speech to #CPAC2018, Trump says if a teacher at Stoneman Douglass High was armed, “he would’ve shot the hell out of that sicko.”
JUST NOW: Chants of #BuildTheWall ring in #CPAC2018 hall.
Saudi Arabia is running out of oil. We can see that by it’s gradual increase in moderate ideas and it’s attempt to try to increase its tourism industry because that’s all it has going for it.
According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service, we are no longer “a nation of immigrants” as it has been redacted from its Mission Statement.
ITS OFFICIAL: The FCC will move to repeal #NetNeutrality protections this Spring. Internet companies will be able to take advantage of this as soon as May.
TRUMP: "You don't mind if I go off script a little bit, because it's a little boring...it’s a beautiful speech, but it’s a little boring.”

(here we go)
JUST NOW: Trump says that the Paris Accords stopped people from building their homes...”we gave them their dignity back”.
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