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48 hours until all hell breaks loose.

Brace yourselves.
BREAKING UPDATE: @Delta says it has "restored all IT systems after a technology issue briefly affected some of our systems this evening. All groundstops have been lifted."
BREAKING ALERT: Rachel Mitchell, an Arizona county sex crimes prosecutor, has emerged as the top GOP choice to question Dr. Blasey Ford before the Judiciary Committee.
BREAKING ALERT: @Delta has stopped all domestic flights, due to ‘cybersecurity threat’.
BREAKING ALERT: Delta Airlines says it is "working diligently to address a technology issue impacting some of our systems. We have issued a Delta groundstop as we work to bring systems back up as quickly as possible."
JUST IN: @Delta systems down worldwide.
BREAKING VIDEO: Don Lemon discusses his own experience with sexual assault, barely holding back tears. https://t.co/nef41qdPFU
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BREAKING ALERT: Senate committee to vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Friday morning, a day after #Kavanaugh accusers are set to testify.
BREAKING LIVE: Bill Cosby, sentenced to 3-10 years in prison, is now held in custody. https://t.co/IIRtRoPYGp
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