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Not as mean as Miss Parker...

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I had the same thought just before I posted - too much with the eating and drinking lately! Ha #BubblesNChocolateTho #HallPass
#Easter feels...thinking of all you bunnies I ❤️ so much!
This isn’t me. I swear. I’d never drink really expensive tequila from a flask in public. Really.

Happy Birthday @hetheringtoncr 🥂
#bff #mischiefmaker #lym
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I had the pleasure of breakfasting with @sammyinlala today! Unfortunately, due to her no photos policy I’m prevented from sharing how much fun was had. So instead, in honor of #OpeningDay2018 enjoy a picture of me stuffing my face at the Dodger exhibition game last week.
Happy Birthday, Shelley!! Celebrate through ur entire astrological sign 😛

Happy First Day of #Spring 🌸 🐰 🍄
My birthday, a few years back. This one’s happier, thanks to all of you. I deeply appreciate all of your love and beautiful wishes! Thank you!!! #ilysm 💋

TFW your Mother starts your special day by sending you your fav #birthday song 🎶 ...Thank you for always being the most amazing Mom - I love you @Kmacen ❤️🙌🏼🎂

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