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THIS JUST IN: @CynthiaEriVo , @eltonofficial , @idinamenzel , @ChrissyMetz  and @RandyNewman  will be performing live at the #Oscars . With special appearances by @eimearnoone  and @questlove .

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Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is working to identify members of the “deep state” who are “disloyal” to Trump so he can replace them with toadies.

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Friendships among male bottlenose dolphins can last a lifetime

It's Movie time. Long overdue. I’ve got backlog. And a reminder that 86% of you in a Twitter poll voted that you like when I talk science-smack about movies. 12% had no opinion. To the remaining 2%, please avert your eyes for the rest of the week…

A technological battle burned hot between these two geniuses and their competing visions for the future of electricity

Not that anybody asked, but if Elsa from "Frozen" has a Human-sized Head then she has Horse-sized Eyeballs — occupying 4x the normal volume within her cranium. I'm just sayin'.

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Planet Nine — a massive world thought to be orbiting the Sun far beyond Pluto ⁠— may be a black hole the size of a baseball instead.

With Jack driving back to LA, here's his collection of videos from his time there covering Mary (return vid shortly). All vids filmed and edited by Jack Beyer@thejackbeyer ) for NSF. Support Jack via Patreon: Collection:

The Cato Street conspiracy – a sensational plot to kill all the members of Cabinet – was uncovered on this day 200 years ago… #OTD  #OnThisDay 

To clarify, this is more about wanting her to just go away than anything about Sanders.