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Aaaaand some birthday ramen for my brother and training partner @Sheltyb803  My man looks absolutely AMAZING for 50! Congratulations on another trip around the sun! #thegoldstandard  #aintnostoppingmenow  @ JINYA…


I had a chat with @CedricAlexander  about his role in the WWE. I gave him something to ponder. I can teach. But, can you learn? #hurtbusiness  #ogflow  #catering 

I had a quick chat with @CedricAlexander  about his career choices. I gave hime something to ponder. I can teach. But, can you learn? #hurtbusiness  #ogflow  #catering  #bonappetit  #sidekick 

Out here sucking down coconut water after a series of wind sprints and jogs with @Sheltyb803  I was slowing down but the little Dude told me to "Keep running Daddy!" At #extremerules2020  when @ApolloCrews  tries to turn…

Usman is the champ. Masvidal is the star. Who you got and why? I like Usman. But I have to pull for the homie! #305  #miami  #hometeam  #streetjesus  #supernecessary 

I would recommend "Citizen Steely Dan". A compilation album. Enjoy!


A black man, born in Africa, is the current WWE champion. This just happened.

No one hates professional wrestling more than professional wrestling fans.

Tweeted at the request of Shad's family. @Shadbeast  ‘s family appreciates all the love, support, and concern through this horrible ordeal. At this time they are not ready to make any public or official statements to any media outlet And ask all to respect their wishes.

People keep asking me about the "deal I signed" with WWE. I never signed a deal. I came back so that my son could see me wrestle in person and for him to see me wrestle his favorite wrestler. As usual the industry leeches are reporting misinformation as fact.😂😂😂 Idiots.

Shad Gaspard had a HUGE heart. He was like an annoying little brother at times. We often gave eachother a hard time, but always with love! He always had a big smile on his face and was ready to share a laugh! I have…

One for the history books. My FINAL WWE match took place on Monday Night RAW against my close friend and legend @reymysterio  A great way to close out that chapter. The end of my career looms larger every month.…

Dionne Warwick is broke & owes 10 million to Uncle Scam's IRS. Damn! PAY YOUR TAXES!!!

I see why so many are afraid . I keep seeing people calling her "stupid". This was pretty sharp to me. If you REALLY want to "drain the swamp" start with these laws and hold ALL politicians accountable!