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Always ominous when a lawyer decides to leave company. When the government’s top lawyer goes, it’s devastating. This government and the law are incompatible.

Grotesquely irresponsible of @BBCr4today  to include the call to defy the #Covid19UK  rules from Desmond Swaine in its headlines. Johnson clearly can’t hold his party together any more, but this is an important public health issue.

How can you debate with a man not remotely on top of his brief? ‘He didn't read the protocol, he hasn't read the bill, he doesn't know his stance.’

Hard for Daily Mail readers to know whether they’re coming or going.

Johnson should maybe first have checked to see if we still have an Army to call in.

Can you imagine Norma Major doing this? Sarah Brown? At a time of desperate economic crisis like this.

That’s been obvious from the start.

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Let’s keep retweeting this please if it’s annoyed the loathsome hypocrites who now preside over us.

👽 Why has Dominic Cummings STILL not been sacked? Do please retweet to let @BorisJohnson  know you’re growing impatient.

Please retweet if you regard @bbclaurak  as a full-time government press officer.

People who say ‘well, he’s doing the best he can and who honestly could ever have got on top of something like #COVID ー19?’ should watch this.

Do please retweet if you think @BorisJohnson  must now apologise to the #carehome  staff he insulted.

I ask @BBCr4today : is it normal to interview the loser in a by election? Why is Farage on AGAIN? Please retweet if you’d like an answer.

Retweet please if you don’t believe the NHS will be safe in Johnson’s hands.

The right, proper and honourable thing for @BorisJohnson  to do is to resign now. He’s disgraced his office. Do please retweet if you agree.

Please retweet if you think @DailyMailUK  should sack Michael Gove’s wife for this incendiary and irresponsible tweet

Do please retweet if the BBC’s handling of Brexit has made you bitterly resentful of the licence fee and determined to see it scrapped.