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Corbyn will not be forgiven if he gift wraps Esher for Dominic Raab for Christmas.

#VoteTactically or the Commons will become..:

@citzgirl  I couldn't have won - that's the key point. Very important to keep our sense of humour, even in the most hideous and trying of circumstances. Certainly our opponents are universally humourless individuals.

The pleasure was all mine - make sure you win! Canterbury deserves the best.

#TacticalVoting is now our last, best hope. Do please retweet.

#TacticalVoting now our patriotic duty. Sod party politics. That’s to a large extent what’s got us into this mess.

Why cannot all politicians, too, sign up to the Hippocratic Oath: first, do no harm.


The right, proper and honourable thing for @BorisJohnson  to do is to resign now. He’s disgraced his office. Do please retweet if you agree.

I ask @BBCr4today : is it normal to interview the loser in a by election? Why is Farage on AGAIN? Please retweet if you’d like an answer.

Please retweet if you think @DailyMailUK  should sack Michael Gove’s wife for this incendiary and irresponsible tweet

Do please retweet if the BBC’s handling of Brexit has made you bitterly resentful of the licence fee and determined to see it scrapped.

I don’t regard @BorisJohnson  as prime minister. He doesn’t represent me or the nation’s interests in any way at all. Retweet if you agree.

Please retweet if you think it obscene @AndrewMarr9  is giving Arron Banks - the subject of an active investigation - a platform this Sunday.

Retweet please if you think it’s time John Humphrys made way now for a younger and more objective journalist on @BBCr4today .

Retweet please if you think confidence in BBC journalism is now so low that the director general Lord Hall has to be removed.

Barclay brothers pay Johnson £270k to write for the Telegraph and want no-deal. We taxpayers pay him £80k. Whose interests is he serving?