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+ What is the "boyfriend loophole" in federal gun law? + What is the Violence Against Women Act? + Where do @tedcruz  + @JohnCornyn  stand on the legislation? + How does the act being stalled affect Texas? Answers to those questions are here:

Not that long ago, the human migration business was booming in the tiny Guatemalan town of La Técnica. The Trump administration's immigration crackdown has changed everything. Watch:

Houston's police chief wants lawmakers to prevent abusive dating partners from buying guns. Here’s what you need to know about the so-called “boyfriend loophole” in federal gun law.

Texas executed Travis Runnels for a prison murder. His lawyers said false testimony put him on death row.

The State Department has advised against travel to Mexican border states and the president has considered labeling cartels as terrorist organizations. But officials continue to downplay violence in cities where migrants are sent to wait for hearings.

U.S. officials are forcibly sending asylum-seeking parents and children to Guatemala, even if they are not from the country. Via @latimes 

Brad Jordan, better known to millions of hip-hop fans as Scarface from the Geto Boys, is running for Houston City Council. Here’s a look at his campaign from @TexasMonthly .

Texas prison officials violated a judge's order to provide inmates with air conditioning. Now prisoners' lawyers get to investigate.


1/ You might be seeing headlines or tweets tonight that claim Texas says 58,000 non-citizens have voted in Texas. That is not true. That is not what the state has said. Here is what we know. #txlege 

1/ People are buying diapers, wipes, soaps and toys to donate to children in overcrowded migrant detention centers. But they're being turned away.

1/ He has a birth certificate and a Social Security number. But ICE has detained this U.S. citizen for three weeks.

BREAKING: The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has stayed Rodney Reed's execution, outweighing the parole board's recommendation.

1/ As a debate rages over calling migrant detention centers “concentration camps,” it is worth revisiting reporting and writing about the conditions at these facilities. Follow this thread for more.

1/ This is Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his nearly 2-year-old daughter, Valeria. They were reportedly unable to request asylum on U.S. soil. They later drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande.

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1/ We spoke to migrants about conditions at border patrol facilities They don’t shower or brush their teeth for days. They watch their sick kids cough & cry through the night. And some of them use toilets so foul that kids can’t help but throw up.