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1/ Texas reported 500 more cases of the new coronavirus on Sunday, bringing the total number of known cases to 2,552. There were also 7 more deaths reported in Texas for a total of 34.

@rossramsey : Hug your kids. Watch over your elders. Stay calm. Get ready. We’ll figure out the economics; we always have. But we still haven’t figured out how to bring back the people we might have saved. First things first.

"If we're not able to address the short-term cash needs of rural hospitals, we're going to see hundreds of rural hospitals close before this crisis ends," said the head of the National Rural Health Association. "This is not hyperbole."

First, oil prices plummeted. And then the new coronavirus began spreading. Midland may be the most vulnerable city in the country to a coronavirus recession, with 43 percent of its jobs identified as being part of “high risk” sectors.

Ordinary Texans and business owners are transitioning their usual work to the work of manufacturing personal protective equipment before supplies run out. #coronavirus  #COVID19 

Until Wednesday night, parents were required to bring their children with them to prove they qualified for free school meals — which educators and lawmakers argue contradicts public health recommendations during the #COVID19  pandemic.

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Stop buying all the toilet paper. Stop stockpiling groceries and household supplies. There's no shortage if everyone only takes what they need. #coronavirus  #COVID_19  #COVID19 

1/ You might be seeing headlines or tweets tonight that claim Texas says 58,000 non-citizens have voted in Texas. That is not true. That is not what the state has said. Here is what we know. #txlege 

1/ People are buying diapers, wipes, soaps and toys to donate to children in overcrowded migrant detention centers. But they're being turned away.

1/ He has a birth certificate and a Social Security number. But ICE has detained this U.S. citizen for three weeks.

BREAKING: The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has stayed Rodney Reed's execution, outweighing the parole board's recommendation.

1/ As a debate rages over calling migrant detention centers “concentration camps,” it is worth revisiting reporting and writing about the conditions at these facilities. Follow this thread for more.

Breaking: Dallas County officials are seeking a recount of the March 3 primary results after discovering that an unknown number of ballots were not initially counted. #txlege  #texasprimary  #texas2020 

1/ This is Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his nearly 2-year-old daughter, Valeria. They were reportedly unable to request asylum on U.S. soil. They later drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande.

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