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Who should prosecute the El Paso Walmart shooting suspect? A year after the massacre, local and federal prosecutors still face hard decisions

After President Donald Trump floated the idea of delaying the November election, several Texas Republicans pushed back against him. The president does not have the legal authority to move Election Day; that power resides with Congress.

Gov. Greg Abbott said local health authorities can shut down schools if there’s evidence of a coronavirus outbreak after students return to campus, but they can’t shut down schools weeks before school restarts. #txed 

Some Texans received mystery seeds mailed from China, and state officials warn they shouldn’t be planted.

New: Keith Nielsen said he wouldn’t take office as Harris County GOP chair after he faced backlash for sharing a racist Facebook post, but he has taken office anyway.


1/ You might be seeing headlines or tweets tonight that claim Texas says 58,000 non-citizens have voted in Texas. That is not true. That is not what the state has said. Here is what we know. #txlege 

Stop buying all the toilet paper. Stop stockpiling groceries and household supplies. There's no shortage if everyone only takes what they need. #coronavirus  #COVID_19  #COVID19 

1/ People are buying diapers, wipes, soaps and toys to donate to children in overcrowded migrant detention centers. But they're being turned away.

1/ He has a birth certificate and a Social Security number. But ICE has detained this U.S. citizen for three weeks.

Breaking: A Texas-based industrial supplier tried to broker a sale of up to 2 million protective medical masks at six times the usual price. Critics say a price like that at a time like this smacks of profiteering and price gouging.

Texas hit 5,000 total reported deaths from the new coronavirus today. The state reported 1,000 new deaths in just six days, which means the death count is rising faster than before. Health experts have said these numbers are likely undercounts.

BREAKING: The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has stayed Rodney Reed's execution, outweighing the parole board's recommendation.

NEW via @ProPublica  @NBCNews : In Houston, one of the nation's fastest-growing coronavirus hot spots, more residents are dying before they can get to a hospital. Experts say the trend means the virus’ toll could be even deeper than official tallies show.