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Not all bike routes have to be as grueling as the Fort Davis Scenic Loop. Here are five rides across Texas that that offer beautiful scenery, a few challenges, and even some historic sites. https://t.co/TqEfHUiRW9
From the #TMarchives: Twenty-seven-year-old Catherine Grove is a member of a small, insular, and eccentric church in East Texas. Her parents think she’s being brainwashed. She insists she’s being saved. https://t.co/EnfT5IGxnV
.@TAMU knocked @UTAustin off the number one spot on Forbes’s annual ranking of college football’s most valuable programs. Both should continue to make plenty of $$$. https://t.co/B67cNOzfGv
Sometimes people let out their dark side through their art.

Other times, they write essays entitled “How to Murder Your Husband” and, seven years later, are arrested and charged for the murder of their husband. https://t.co/aZvqngo3qu
For the Texas Optimism Project, we asked folks at the River Walk in San Antonio how they stay optimistic. Here's what they had to say. #sponsored by @FrostBank
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The best thing in Texas: a wounded Purple Heart recipient and the dog who served alongside him in Afghanistan were reunited in San Antonio. (h/t @ExpressNews) https://t.co/wlRw0DrQmg
New: @tedcruz has a 9-point lead over @BetoORourke in the latest Quinnipiac University Poll. The poll was conducted among likely voters rather than registered voters. #tx2018 https://t.co/nORCBo8cOL
Why did the world’s biggest wine names spend August in a Dallas suburb? They’re the professionals who will likely choose the wine for your next anniversary dinner or sell said bottle to your local retail shop. https://t.co/AfOceCSZ6a
The sweet and tangy sauce at Franks Holy Smoke BBQ uses lemons, oranges, and pineapple juice—it tastes great on the smoked half chicken. And now we’re hungry. https://t.co/gjsHIEkSi7
The longneck beer bottle is a reliable standby, and it has a close association with Texas. Where have they all gone? @thetexanist is on the case. https://t.co/NPtXjroRlK
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