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“If you were hoping Tesla would fail on account of the Model 3 I’ve got bad news: This thing is magnificent” @WSJ
Yes- you can schedule a test-drive here: https://t.co/WHPOqXBWDM
Model 3 owners are a part of the referral program and have a code to share in their Loot Box in the Tesla App
We are updating all reservation timelines in the next few days. Reservation and order dates factor into delivery timeline
@singhav8r @ONtransport @jemmachamilton @elonmusk @KurtisJEvans @ByeonChansoo It is unfair to treat our customers worse than those who bought their car from a middleman. We have reached out to the ministry and hope they correct this. Discriminating against Ontario residents based on how they chose to purchase a vehicle is wrong
“Clean energy has defied all our forecasts, maturing and falling in cost faster than even the most optimistic advocates predicted”
@BigMoneyD5 @JcLynFelix Same as base dual motor- a fixed piston front caliper with sliding rear integrated parking brake caliper and single piece cast iron rotors
Model 3 makes its European debut @fosgoodwood
RWD has also done well in snow conditions
@herassment Model 3 has been developed to be superior for snow and ice in test grounds in Alaska, Minnesota, and Norway in temperatures as low as -40 deg C. Our dual electric motors transfer torque instantly to front and rear wheels for stability and traction in all weather conditions
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