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Hi Joe, can you send us your info via DM?
Can you shoot us a DM?
Thanks for the feedback. We would like to get it to the right people. Please DM us and we will work to make that happen.
Looks like it
Very proud to have scored 100/100 for the fourth year in a row in LGBTQ equality. Thanks to everyone at Tesla for making LGBTQ inclusion an important part of our culture. https://t.co/ZUlgYbILSD
We can get this sorted out asap, can you DM us your contact info and VIN?
New study finds regular car dealers are still trying to avoid selling EVs https://t.co/oES7dbuB9J
New @UCSUSA study shows that across the US, driving an electric car is not just cleaner, but costs less to drive than a gasoline car https://t.co/OAAO2H9CCM
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