Electric cars, giant batteries and solar

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If you want to help cover Giga Berlin in awesome graffiti art, send us your work at GigaBerlinAr @Tesla .com

Model S Plaid delivery event at our Fremont factory will be streamed live on June 10, 7pm Pacific

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Playing Cyberpunk in Model S Plaid

Production & deliveries in Q2 surpassed 200,000 vehicles

To activate, tap Software → long press model name → type holidays or ModelXMas

Solar Roof is designed to withstand heavy storms, hail and even medium-size tree branches


Introducing Dog Mode: set a cabin temperature to keep your dog comfortable while letting passersby know they don't need to worry

Use Tesla phone app to melt snow & ice off your car before even leaving the house 📸 by @cookie_esq 

"I really miss gas stations" said nobody ever

Model X is the first and only SUV to achieve a NHTSA 5-Star safety rating in every category and subcategory, with the lowest probability of rollover and overall injury of any SUV

Overhead views from a Model 3