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Back in the big time 👀 No title today, but a terrific week in Shanghai for Sascha! @AlexZverev  #RolexSHMasters 

UNSTOPPABLE 😳 The moment @DaniilMedwed  claimed his third title in six events since July at @SH_RolexMasters !

"You're probably the best player in the world right now" Brilliant words from @AlexZverev  on his conqueror today 🤗 @DaniilMedwed  @SHRolexMasters 

Active players with multiple Masters 1000 titles: Nadal - 35 Djokovic - 33 Federer - 28 Murray - 14 Zverev - 3 Tsonga - 2 Medvedev - 2 @DaniilMedwed  joins a special club at @SHRolexMasters !

"Everybody is talking that they need new guys, something new, so I gave them something new" @DaniilMedwed  doing things his own way 🙌 #RolexSHMasters 

Presenting the only two non-big 4 players since 2007 to win more than one Masters in a single season 😎 @DaniilMedwed  @AlexZverev 


Literally no one: @benoitpaire  & @tsonga7  playing football in the middle of a tennis match: #NoventiOpen19  😂

"ARE YOU KIDDING?!" @rogerfederer  is something else 🤯 #MiamiOpen 

From Milan 2001 to Dubai 2019... All 100 of @rogerfederer 's titles! #RF100 

Happy 36th birthday, @rogerfederer ! Some familiar faces have a few messages for you...😉

The perfect TEN 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 @rogerfederer  #NoventiOpen 

“I lost my mom seven years ago and I want to dedicate this one to her. And also to my dad, I lost him two months ago.” ❤️👏😭 #RioOpen 

The @rogerfederer  backhand slice: confusing ball kids for years 😂 #BNPPO18 

As it's @rogerfederer 's birthday... it's time for the ultimate Roger Thread-erer 😎 Starting with one of his and tennis' most famous winners... 🗓 2002 📍 Basel 🆚 Andy Roddick

Quickly becoming his trademark... @NickKyrgios  with the underarm ace 😂