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Man arrested over Southgate Tube blast that left five injured in mass panic
Dr Jane Barton, 69, was "responsible for the practice of prescribing which prevailed on the wards " at the scandal-hit Hampshire hospital, the inquiry concluded

Campaigners have called for prosecutions, with relatives of those who died demanding actionhttps://t.co/REqQBl0XI5

#BREAKING A GP oversaw an "institutionalised practice of shortening lives" which killed 456 patients at Gosport War Memorial Hospital in the 1990s, an inquiry has found
Japanese fans took a brief break from celebrating a historic and shock World Cup victory over Colombia to clean up rubbish discarded on the floor of the stadium, earning them praise and inspiring other nations to follow suit.

Read more: https://t.co/gQ6SzGBA9N
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Pound drops to seven-month low as slide enters sixth day ahead of crunch Brexit vote
Pixar's boy story: John Lasseter and animation's persistent problem with women
PMQs: Tory rebels accuse Theresa May of using 'dark arts' ahead of crucial Brexit vote
Bristol's mayor removes portrait of Edward Colston from office saying she cannot bear to have him looking at her
Holidaymaker died in airing cupboard after being trapped for 'several days', inquest hears
If Vladimir Putin had things his way, we in the West would assume all Russian men were like him. But the reality is far more complex and diverse.

Watch the first part of our new series on Russian masculinity in 2018: https://t.co/QwCufIKg7D
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