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Despite this week’s news, the ‘cultural recovery’ tsar remains upbeat - he explains why

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From befriending autocratic strongmen to undermining multi-national institutions -- and even questioning the legitimacy American democracy -- Trump presided over a deliberate shift in the reliability of Reagan's "shining city on a hill"

🗣️"Even with this intervention, it's not going to be a free for all at Christmas" SAGE member @TweedieChap  speaking to fo @EllyOldroydlowing  reports the government is considering imposing a month-long lockdown in England 📲Read more

About to buy my child a birthday present, but then again

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This is a good piece on why 'Sweden' isn't actually Sweden

"When he pulls out of treaties like the Paris climate accord, he reduces the international community's ability to ask a country to stop chopping down trees. If the US is no longer a stakeholder, why should anyone else be?”

"When the President congratulates authoritarians for winning unfair elections or calls genuine dictators his friend, it gives those leaders the propaganda win of an endorsement from the supposed moral leader of the world” says @Fromagehomme 

"As leader of 1 of the most powerful nations on earth, he's been able to behave with complete disregard for the institutions & norms that rely on good faith & trust in the international community. Undercutting that will be Trump's legacy " says @Nanjala1