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Latest Scoops

A Twitter employee groomed by the Saudi government prompted 2015 state-sponsored hacking warning https://t.co/Z0R8dey6ol
Winamp is planning an ambitious relaunch https://t.co/XxzWf0QiEH
Early-bird pricing to Disrupt Berlin 2018 flies away in four days https://t.co/DIJ1oLNP2c
China is funding the future of American biotech https://t.co/lqG8u26tyy
Khashoggi’s fate shows the flip side of the surveillance state https://t.co/saRKLfN72Q
Most investors understand this stark reality https://t.co/dudAzc9xqW
22-year-old founder Henrique Dubugras unpacks how Brex was built from the ground up https://t.co/DZBiXWLO4E
Police and government agencies are increasingly seeking out data from smart home devices to solve crimes https://t.co/k5dhjdfao3
New: Western intelligence agencies warned Twitter in 2015 that one of its employees may have been spying for the Saudi government. https://t.co/d0bejAwgna by @zackwhittaker
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