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Latest Scoops

1. Papadopoulos told by Trump's team to contact Russia

2. Trump's data firm (Cambridge Analytica) raided with crowbars and jump-drives

3. Stormy's DVD drops on Sunday

Enjoy your totally normal Friday evening, @realDonaldTrump!
What a beautiful evenin' in America, Patriots! Guccifer 2.0 is proven to be a Russian Intelligence Officer and Team Mueller will be bustin' out a new batch of sweet, sweet indictments tomorrow mornin'. The world's gonna look a whole lot better by lunchtime!
What we really need to see is the nondisclosure agreement Vladimir Putin made Donald Trump sign.
The most disturbin' thing about Trump's "Crazy Joe Biden" tweet this mornin' is that Trumpers actually consider that bein' "hard at work."
BOOM! Which means Mueller's been on it for months. This is gonna be big, Patriots. Cambridge Analytica is the Grand Central Station of the Trump conspiracy.

Gohmert: "Bob Mueller should be fired."

Burger King Employee: "That's fine, sir, but I asked if you'd like fries with that."

You got admit Trump has a large, enthusiastic group of followers, but it would mean a lot more if they actually lived in this country.
Thanks to Cambridge Analytica, we know Trump...

1) Created oppo research dossiers
2) Created fake news
3) Used stolen data
4) Distributed stolen emails
5) Received illicit foreign money

As usual, Trump is guilty of everything he has accused Hillary Clinton of doin' and more.
Holy Guacamole! Trump's data team, Cambridge Analytica is a crooked as a question mark!

Folks, YOU GOTTA SEE THIS! Here's the direct link to the video report.

We the People demand the protection of the Mueller investigation. NOW!

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