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Presidential Candidate for the Liberal Tea Party.

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FUN FACT: The party that voted over 70 times to repeal pre-existin’ conditions protections wants you to believe they suddenly love them.
Evangelicals say "every life is precious" unless, of course, there's a 100 million dollar arms deal involved.

Don’t forget these facts. Jamal Khashoggi was a permanent resident of Virginia employed by the Washington Post. An American President with personal business interests in Saudi Arabia is conspirin’ with the Saudi Royal family to cover-up his brutal murder.
Don't worry, @realDonaldTrump. We're sure he only had good things to say. ;-0> https://t.co/Wp9uHlSgS5
What time is it? It's Mueller Time! Time to take the House AND the Senate. Let's give Bob Mueller the protection he needs to drop the Truth hammer on this corrupt Trump regime! #VoteBlue

Tea Pain's been watchin' folks in politics for a long time and he's here to tell you that @BetoORourke is bona fide! He's gonna be President one day. GuaranTEAd!
Saudi Thugs with bone saws.
Trump: "Innocent until proven guilty."

Hillary used a private email server.
Trump: "Lock her up!"
There's hundreds of polls out there. Some show Dems ahead, some don't. The only poll that matters is goin' to the polls on Nov 6th.

Let's rack up record numbers against Trump and his corrupt Trumpublican party. The only way for America to win is to vote big and #VoteBlue!
Let this sink in before you go vote. Donald Trump is complicit in a conspiracy to cover-up a crime against an American resident to protect his personal business interests in Saudi Arabia.

Put on check on this compromised tyrant with the most powerful tool you have: YOUR VOTE!
Stay focused Dems. No distractions for the next three weeks. Close strong on the issues.

1. Health Care
2. Protect Social Security and Medicare
3. Gender equality
4. Our-of-control GOP debt
5. Human Rights Protections

The harder we vote, the more America wins!
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