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Latest Scoops

Now we know that when Trump says "No Collusion", he means with Democracy.
A beautiful young Russian girl that loves guns and passes out millions of dollars shows up at a prayer breakfast, provin’ GOP prayers do come true.

Mueller: “On July 27, 2016, did you ask Russia to hack Hillary’s emails?”

Trump: “I misspoke. I meant to say ‘Russia, if you’re not listening.’”
“When I said ‘I am a stable genius’, I misspoke. I meant to say ‘I’m a pathological liar.’”
Don't worry. Anything Trump was forced to say this afternoon, he'll contradict with tweets in the next 48 hours.
Bob Mueller is wisely protectin’ his investments by diversifyin’ his legal portfolio. He delegated Michael Cohen to the SDNY and Maria Butina to the DOJ where those cases will survive Trump firin’ him.
Attention American Media: This is called “journalism”. Get you some!
BIG NEWS! If you wanna understand where the "pro quo" comes in, here it is! This links Russia to the #NRA, who funneled over 30 million dollars to Trump and a other GOP candidates. This is why the GOP stands as one with Trump and Putin.

Today we call on Republicans and Independents of good conscience to join us, put aside party and take our country back from this illegitimate administration.
June 12, 2017: "Putin wanted Hillary to win." - Donald Trump

June 16, 2018: "I wanted Trump to win." - Vladimir Putin
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