Tanya Talaga

Tanya Talaga

Author of Seven Fallen Feathers and All Our Relations, @Houseofanansi. Atkinson Fellow in Public Policy, @CBC Massey Lecturer 2018. Journalist @TorontoStar.

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Check it out! @homieschatting  Sunday Edition! The podcast. On this first episode, @deejayndn  and I are honoured to have @cblackst  as our 1st guest talking systemic racism, how to improve child welfare legislation and we remember #Oka  at 30. Please listen.

take responsibility and make amends in whatever way that is required. The show will be on a break until we reassess next steps. I send my thoughts to Ian’s partner and children, and support for the healing for all involved. Makwa Creative is committed to sharing the stories ...

Support Homies Chatting - @bigmigz  @michifman  and myself do this out of love for our communities but our team of producers need to be eat. Journalism our way:

Yes ... Christopher Columbus was a fraud. He doesn’t deserve statues or a holiday in his honor.

Miigwetch. I think is cool, too. 😁Proud of the @TbayAirport 

Miigwetch to you and @rita_russo  for reading and learning. Many hands make change.

and voices of Indigenous People with respect and safety, aligned with the teachings about balance and responsibility to each other which were given to us by our Ancestors.


Our history was not an elective, not a choice. But when Ontario made the new Indigenous high school curriculum an elective, it slapped all Indian Residential School survivors and their descendants in the face. via @TorontoStar 

At the hair salon. Woman here loudly said, “Can you believe those Natives? What should we do with them? Lock them up and throw away the keys.” I cleared my throat before I responded. Oh, Canada.

On the 1 year anniversary of the @MMIWG  final report: Take a moment to thank the thousands of survivors, families, Elders, community members who came forward to share their stories. So many families shared their deepest pain and asked for justice.

Some news: I'll be joining the @globeandmail  in September as a bi-monthly columnist while lending a hand in investigations. These are important times. I'm grateful for the opportunity to amplify our voices, reach those I would not have reached before.

Congratulations, Tomas! First Nations student graduates as McGill valedictorian after leading fight against 'Redmen' team name| CBC News