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It turns out these tiny celebrations come with some very big advantages.

“Designing under the shadow of Covid-19 also informed the restaurant's layout, with sinuous curves that hug tables together and accordion-style doors that open all the way up to create a seamless indoor-outdoor flow.” – @OhMissJune 

The British menswear designer celebrates her Indian-Nigerian heritage with sustainable fabrics.

Twenty years ago, the fashion designer was called a kook for glugging green juice. Now we all want to look like her.

"I was too downmarket," Stewart said of the episode.

And it might not center around Claire and Jamie.

Everyone from Mike Pence to Kellyanne Conway is shopping around a tell-all. Even Mary Trump is back with a sequel! Will any of these burn books be worth the wait, or will it all just be trash talk?


#Outlander's Costume Designer on Crafting Claire's 1960s-Tinged Vision in the Season Finale @outlander_starz 

Outlander fans, take a look what #Outlander  stars and look like in real life :

A deleted scene from @outlander  shows @caitrionabalfe  as Claire and and @SamHeughan  as Jamie discussing young Ian's return to the Ridge. cc: @SonyPicsHomeEnt 

The sexy time-travel drama is coming back for another chapter. @SamHeughan 

We apologize to Ms. Lewinsky and regret the way the situation was handled.

Calling all fans! Here's what , , and the rest of the cast look like in real life: #Outlander 

The time-traveling drama returns to Starz in February.

Some might consider putting out a travel show in the middle of a pandemic a risky move—but @SamHeughan  and @grahammctavish  weren’t worried. “Hopefully it will help,” McTavish says. #MenInKilts