Andrey Rublev / Dubai

Russian tennis player Andrey Rublev writes "No war please" on the camera following his advancement to the final in Dubai.

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Andrey Rublev / Dubai

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**Breaking News** 🚨📰 I’m told the @NYRangers ⁩ are naming D @JacobTrouba ⁩ the next Captain of #NYR  within 24 hours. @espn ⁩ @NHL ⁩ @NHLNetworkNet @TheGardenw #HockeyTwitterrk ⁩ ⁦⁩ 🍎 🗽.

Shocked to learn that all the people who wanted Brittney Griner to die in a Russian prison are suddenly so lax about breaking the law. Almost like they’re racist disingenuous scumbags.

Matt Carpenter left tonight's game with a left foot fracture.

103 for the win 🔥

The call on the field was overturned and Brandon Drury was ruled OUT at home 🔍 @SFGiants  maintain a 1-0 lead entering the 8th inning on #MLBNShowcase .

NFL said that Aaron Rodgers' use of ayahuasca does not violate its drug policy.

The NBA informed teams Monday that players who remain unvaccinated against COVID-19 and have not received medical clearance from getting the vaccine will still be ineligible to play in Toronto during the 2022–23 season

Sneak peak: The Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds will wear throwback uniforms when they take the field Thursday for this year’s Major League Baseball game at the “Field of Dreams” movie site.

Collingwood would be prepared to allow Port Adelaide to wear its prison bar jumper once a season – but with one big colour change.

Shoutout to @andyroddick  for joining this late from the East Coast and to @cicibellis  for making her debut on the show! @Steve_Weissman  | #TCLiveAfterDark