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Knowing who is a citizen is fundamental to the census process! via @DailySignal  #TeaParty  #MAGA  #SCOTUS 

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The President’s attempts to avoid oversight are a surprise to no one. Rest assured: the Congress will exercise its oversight responsibilities. #FamiliesFirst  #TRMS 

It’s outrageous that the stimulus bill gave corporations nearly four times as much money as hospitals on the front lines. Corporate welfare is bad enough in normal times. Now, in a national emergency, it's morally repugnant.

The president knows his quote yesterday about wanting states to be appreciative of the feds, with implication that’s how you get help, was a political error that is likely to show up in ads attacking him in MI and elsewhere. Some of this is to try to get reporters not to use it

President Trump is considering a Quarantine in Coronavirus Hotspots: “It will be New York, parts of Connecticut, and parts of New Jersey.”

We can't have 50 states all competing against each other for the same live-saving supplies. The competition hurts all of us by massively driving up prices. We need a nationwide buying consortium.

Tune in tomorrow at 11. Tomorrow’s episode will be focused on the situation prevailing due to COVID-19. #MannKiBaat 

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Our nation was hit with an unforeseen challenge—and we will emerge stronger than ever before!

Today, I interacted with those associating with the AYUSH sector. They shared their insights on how we can overcome COVID-19. The AYUSH sector has a long contribution in keeping our nation healthy.

I'm deeply saddened that we have lost 728 New Yorkers to Coronavirus. We are fighting to save every life. You must help by following all health protocols. We ALL have a role to play to reduce the spread of this virus. Help us save lives.

The #CARESAct  is an important step in supporting our frontline health care workers and the broader health system as we confront the coronavirus – but there is far more to do to ensure they have all the resources they need. #FamiliesFirst  #TRMS