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Latest Scoops

NC elex board to hear testimony from Republican congressional candidate
Putin says he wants friendly relations with "such a global power as the US"
How many Republicans will buck Trump on his emergency declaration? (Prime)
Meghan McCain accuses McCabe of putting on a "PR campaign to stop yourself from getting indicted"
A Proud Boys leader sat behind Trump during a Miami rally
Trump cries "fake news" in response to the NYT's report about his call to Whitaker
What was the "other" DOJ probe Manafort lied to Mueller about? A transcript gives new clues
Office of Government Ethics declines to certify "inaccurate" Wilbur Ross financial disclosure
Illinois governor signs measure to gradually hike minimum wage to $15 an hour
HUD official gets stuck in elevator amid temporary NYC public housing stay

The Most Relevant

Dick Cheney thinks Trump's Muslim ban is "against everything we stand for"
Father denounces son identified as participant in white supremacist rally
Rand Paul, enemy of socialized medicine, will go to Canada for surgery
A white couple interrupted a NYC newscast to mock the chokehold that killed Eric Garner
UPDATE: A fifth wrestler accuses Jordan of lying about ignorance of sexual abuse
MLK’s son shuts down Pence: My father was a "bridge builder, not a wall builder"
Omarosa claims she walked in on Trump eating paper in Oval Office
House Science Committee Chair says melting arctic ice is good because it creates more water for ships to sail over
Roy Moore dated "younger ladies" for their "purity," his pastor friend says
Flake voted for the tax bill after the White House promised to include him in discussion to fix DACA.

A White House staffer laughed when asked if they had given Flake a firm commitment to actually get DACA done
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