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Tim Carney

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Germany locking down businesses and other public places but leaving schools open seems to be more rational than what my county tried: We closed the public schools for the semester, and the same week they tried to close the private schools they opened tattoo parlors.

Trigger warning: My forthcoming piece features multiple interviews with blue-collar workers at dimly-lit bars in central and Western Pa.

I even have two coal miners, and the same Frank I spoke to at the same bar as 4 years ago.


Did Joe Biden really call Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist?

Biden will hike middle class taxes by repealing taxes?

Pence never answered the Roe question, but thank God he proudly declared his pro-life position and explained that Kamala and Biden are for taxpayer-funded abortions.

When Linda Sarsour used the word "jihad," WaPo wrote spent an entire piece putting that word in religious and cultural context. When WaPo learned ACB was a "handmaid," they wrote 2500 words on it, with one sentence on its biblical and Catholic context.

Texts from Biden campaign are basically “Hi, my name is Haley, and I’m a senior at Iowa State. I’m just writing to ask...” Texts from Trump are like: “Have you SERIOUSLY not donated? Why do HATE AMERICA! Are you on the side of PELOSI????”

Dems 4 big mistakes: 1) Nuking the filibuster in 2013 2) Filibustering Gorsuch 3) ‘The dogma lives loudly within you.' 4) Smearing Kavanaugh All were moral errors and tactical errors. Decency or humility would have prevented them.

Our dictionaries are dishonest partisans. That's not healthy.

“I really am worried about disinformation on social media” and “I retweet Aaron Rupar” is not a compatible pair of positions, but it’s one held by many mainstream reporters.

Biden has dramatically changed his public option plan tonight.