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Mommy of Ali, Aleeah, & Adalynn For all bookings and inquiries contact Lindsay Rielly management@Continuument.com

Latest Scoops

What are your priorities? Does what you're putting first reflect what is most important to you?… https://t.co/1avoerg7QW
@sarahalli13 We’re going to foster her for now. We took her to the vet and shes indeed pregnant. /: I’m in contact with some rescue shelters and hopefully will have a plan in place soon for the mommy and puppies!
My babygirl finally pulled her tooth! She’s been trying to pull this foreverrr and already had… https://t.co/osMVUA5wbX
Grace is in model mode and Ali is thrilled it’s FRIDAY! 💜
#twins #totalopposite #imintroublehttps://t.co/7rlU9iBK0l
What you focus on grows. If you look for positive, you will find it. Take time today to use… https://t.co/7jyiHlf8uc
We took in this dog that had been on the street for who knows how long. We made her an apt to… https://t.co/vCAy9CAS5T
Ohhhhh, what I get myself into... 🤦🏼‍♀️
I love this cat, BUT I’ve never been around a cat that has sooo much gas! It’s so terrible, Any… https://t.co/UqhoTWTsek
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