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  3. the silence breakers are time's person of the year 2017 #timepoy
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The Silence Breakers are TIME's Person of the Year 2017 #TIMEPOY https://t.co/mLgNTveY9z
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The Silence Breakers are TIME's Person of the Year 2017 #TIMEPOY https://t.co/mLgNTveY9z


Over 68,137t of chemicals that hurt the ozone are removed every year through our work. We work with govts & manufacturers worldwide to switch from ozone-depleting substances to energy-efficient & natural coolants for more resilient cities. #WorldCitiesDay
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"Like an earthquake, the homeless situation is a state of emergency in California. But our elected officials are not responding in crisis mode. It’s time for a coordinated, emergency response." #NYTLetters https://t.co/LUOXqXdmjh
Rihanna is standing with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, even turning down one of the biggest performances of the year.

Maroon 5 will be the half-time performer in Atlanta in February instead.
The Financial Action Task Force said that from next year it will start assessing whether countries are doing enough to fight criminal use of virtual currencies.
The Justice Department is pursuing charges in what could be the first case of interference in this year’s midterm election. The Russians are involved. https://t.co/UC76ImGMCy
The European and Japanese space agencies are preparing to launch the BepiColombo spacecraft that will journey on a seven-year flight to Mercury, the closest planet to the sun.

.@Redistrict breaks down the midterms for @chucktodd:

Wasserman: "Pretty much anywhere within a 20-minute drive of a Whole Foods market is a place that Democrats are doing pretty well this year." #MTPDaily
“We are going to the United States!” one person shouted. “Nobody is going to stop us!”

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From our friends at @hereandnow: Apples get all the attention this time of year. But pears are their sophisticated autumn cousin. 🍐
DNA researchers are making a big prediction. In just a few years, they'll have enough DNA samples to match every person in the country.
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