America's athletes are finally in a position to demand real change. And they know it

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden are about to go head-to-head for the first time. What questions do you want to hear them debate? CNN special coverage of the most anticipated event of the election starts Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET

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I don’t understand the “this will not matter” talk among the chattering classes. Nobody has a crystal ball. Who knows? But one way of ensuring nothing matters is giving up having values to defend. Cynicism isn’t a sign of depth or savvy, it’s resignation masquerading as politics.

The New York Times says Donald Trump avoided taxes for years Here are the key allegations

The world’s largest steelmaker is shedding its mines and steelmaking facilities in the U.S. as the global economy suffers from the spread of Covid-19

"He shouldn't be able to continue in his job, but he has a protector - he's got Bill Barr protecting're not going to be held accountable until you're out of office." - @glennkirschner2  on whether there's legal repercussions of Trump's tax returns @MSNBC 

“Donald Trump, with a tower on Fifth Avenue and an estate in Palm Beach, paid less in taxes than the average ... grade school teacher, nurse, cop, farmer, firefighter and truck driver,” @JohnAvlon  says following the @nytimes  report on President Trump’s tax records. #RealityCheck 

"He's in the exact sectors of the economy that are getting creamed by the pandemic: real estate, travel, leisure. He's getting squeezed on his ability to make $, he's gorged on debt...He has never sold anything in his life even when it was hemorrhaging cash." @TimOBrien  @MSNBC 

At least 21 people were killed in a second day of heavy clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh that reportedly involved air power, missiles and heavy armor

Spent this weekend hands-on with @Xbox  Series X. Impressions are limited to backwards compatible content and system-level features. We have not played next-gen games. Thoughts: - Quick Resume is a game changer! Love being able to instantly jump in exactly where I left off.

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