Alabama reopens casinos, churches and playgrounds despite increase in coronavirus cases

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AG Bill Barr: “In many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized and driven by anarchic and left extremist groups -- far left extremist groups -- using Antifa-like tactics.”

We’re keeping a running list of the false and misleading information circulating online on the nationwide George Floyd protests 👇

HPD to wear body cameras, not use tear gas or rubber bullets during Houston protests, officials said

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Many shoppers are currently required by state, city or local regulations to wear masks or other facial coverings. But it’s largely been left to grocery store employees and other workers to enforce those rules

A police car appears to be on fire in Los Angeles. Police officers are holding back a line of demonstrators to prevent them from getting close to the car.

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Attorney General William Barr said that the investigation into the death of George Floyd was moving at “exceptional speed" but took aim at some of the protesters who have been gathering in response to the incident.

Demonstrations in Philadelphia over the killing of George Floyd have escalated into widespread vandalism as large crowds consolidate near City Hall. Mayor Jim Kenney is urging protesters to go home as police ask residents to avoid the area. Latest:

‘I can’t get my brother back’ — George Floyd’s family is speaking out and calling for the officers involved to be charged with murder

"This is not a technology problem, or something that can be ended with some policy tinkering. It is a function of deep structural racism that we as a nation have proved to be incapable of exorcising." (via @latimesopinion )