Wuhan celebrates the end of its coronavirus lockdown after 76 long days:

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“Your courage and resilience inspires us all." After a 58-day battle with COVID-19, this 100-year-old World War II veteran has been officially declared coronavirus-free and discharged from the hospital.

Today Texas had the fewest #COVID19  fatalities since the end of March. We also had the fewest COVID hospitalizations since the middle of April. And, we have the 2nd most recoveries from COVID in America. #txlege 

Hong Kong police have arrested 15 pro-democracy leaders. More than 7,800 people have been arrested over the 2019 pro-democracy protests. This is a continuing assault on freedom of expression and assembly in Hong Kong.

Hundreds boaters in South Carolina hold parade in support of Trump over Memorial Day weekend

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Asian Americans are facing a coronavirus "double whammy" of discrimination—and skyrocketing unemployment.

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Oh, hello, dull and unfunny cognitive peasant with a great big tar brush who envies successful conservative women! I know you'll watch every word I said about your attack on @PressSec  and chew on it like cud for weeks.

These Indigenous women in Mexico have made face masks out of palm leaves.

Trump owes $50 million to one of his own companies. We uncovered information that raises questions about the very existence of this loan, presenting the possibility that this debt was concocted as a ploy to evade income taxes.⁠

Major issues within the FBI. An agency that I love as you guys know. But major issues. Sides being taken and even amongst former agents, a lot of frustration. Especially outside of headquarters.