Nestle and AT&T are among the companies pulling their ads from YouTube due to pedophile concerns

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Bishop of the Washington Diocese is outraged over Trump's photo-op, saying his message was antithetical to "everything that our churches stand for"

That Trump would... ...have protestors gassed and shot with rubber bullets he could walk over to a church he never attends ...and hold up a Bible of which he cannot name a favorite passage ...just for a photo op ...seems to sums up the craven hypocrisy of his presidency

A tweet from Florida Rep. Gaetz was hidden by Twitter with a notice that it violated the company's rules for glorifying violence after he posted about hunting “Antifa."

"I understand y’all are upset. I doubt y’all are half as upset as I am. What are y’all doing? ... That’s not going to bring my brother back at all.” George Floyd's brother Terrence pleaded for peace in Minneapolis.

@realDonaldTrump  More insulting, he's using the death of George Floyd to attempt to distract from how bad he screwed up protecting businesses and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. "Looters " or "antifa " have nothing on the damage that @realDonaldTrump  did by failing to act on COVID-19.

The @NYCMayor  is on @NY1  now: He says the city will have another curfew tomorrow night. Starting at 8pm

A Romanian cobbler invented size 75 shoes to ensure people kept social distancing

Distancing and masks cut COVID-19 risk, says largest review of evidence

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UPDATE: On NY1, Mayor Bill de Blasio just announced that there will also be a curfew in effect Tuesday. That curfew will be in effect from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. - it will start three hours earlier than Monday night's curfew.