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Latest Scoops

10 minutes
"I was a Marine. Now I’m a teacher. Don't give me a gun" https://t.co/LD3lurvEV7
24 minutes
Going behind the scenes with David Harbour on his dancing with penguins trip is an emotional journey https://t.co/RNntMHGobO
39 minutes
Norway's Olympians explain their surprising secrets for crushing the rest of the world at the Winter Games https://t.co/43BjvbPDVJ
54 minutes
Watch Mikaela Shiffrin teach you how to ski like an Olympic champion using a mop in her kitchen https://t.co/93mPKtbzD9
Gym selfies on social media might be ruining your self esteem https://t.co/tqeS1illB8
Trump is telling foreign leaders that the U.S. may rejoin the Paris climate agreement, ex-aide says https://t.co/TlrdBDT4Av
Everything to know about the closing ceremony for the 2018 Winter Olympics https://t.co/Cm56GfhIbn
Tainted chicken salad is likely behind a multi-state salmonella outbreak, the CDC says https://t.co/zBSkZx8AGg
David Chang’s new Netflix series explores the ugly side of delicious https://t.co/YsOv9nRQlp
These U.S. Olympic winners are taking home matching tattoos along with their medals in ski halfpipe https://t.co/knyfskyIVY
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