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Latest Scoops

More than 200 NFL players kneel during anthem in defiance of President Trump https://t.co/rTUfzRmIa7
Jared Kushner used his private email account to communicate with White House colleagues https://t.co/SuCnxd8Dv0
Obama warned Zuckerberg about the threat of Russian election hacking on Facebook last year, report says https://t.co/UiBi0ERhAL
Hang out with happy people—it might be contagious https://t.co/uJbfmJhwRR
'Star Trek: Discovery' early reactions point to a big payoff for CBS’s streaming gambit https://t.co/ybTRSmAKKY
John McCain says his health care vote wasn’t personal https://t.co/P7FVKrMlRs
A Trump boycott wouldn’t just hurt the NFL https://t.co/8lcK52nRBy
Hillary Clinton: Women who supported Trump "publicly disrespected themselves" https://t.co/HGEGWDVVSO
5 incredible vacation spots that are surprisingly cheap now https://t.co/5zaQIeHkN2
More than 200 NFL players kneel during anthem in defiance of President Trump https://t.co/mflvTsAGTa
President Trump isn't supporting the Trumpier candidate in this key Senate race. Here's why https://t.co/IQGDlAXnCk
6 amazing body changes when you give up carbs https://t.co/YOiJ2iR4qB
Anthony Bourdain says this is the one type of food you should never eat https://t.co/53ED4938kO
Trump says his objection to NFL players taking the knee during anthem "has nothing to do with race" https://t.co/9zfP6DMiyp
The perfect cocktail for each zodiac sign https://t.co/ab5IbbNaLe
Milo Yiannopoulos finally spoke at Berkeley. But the protesters were louder https://t.co/81luZON3MD
Tennessee church shooting suspect charged with murder https://t.co/VG4pWylnpj
The difference between President Trump and President Obama’s reactions to the NFL kneeling movement
What 13 highly successful people do right before they go to bed https://t.co/ntn5q61M8o
How 'Discovery' fits into the 'Star Trek' Timeline https://t.co/LeVlE2j09X
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