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14 minutes
A Syrian refugee family watched their hopes for reunion dim along with Angela Merkel's political future https://t.co/QY0l6wZlQ6
19 minutes
'We don't need a liberal person in there.' President Trump stands by Roy Moore https://t.co/PVmMuzEk53
44 minutes
The sexual misconduct revelations on Capitol Hill are just beginning https://t.co/IIXngcwqOl
44 minutes
Trump just completed his first official presidential turkey pardon https://t.co/XZkEouJxST
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59 minutes
Keeping Charles Manson in prison for 46 years cost taxpayers over $1 million https://t.co/vddyhvfau3
Arianna Huffington defends Al Franken after "inappropriate" photos with her emerge https://t.co/SNecrtJRAm
"I survived 2 terrorist attacks on 2 continents. They changed who I am" https://t.co/LjVmFMH42R
Iranian man charged with hacking HBO and stealing 'Game of Thrones' episodes https://t.co/fkscMIgHEA
A mysterious object flying past the sun is our first confirmed visitor from another solar system https://t.co/9KIQl30V5W
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You have until next month to check out McDonald's 'no. 1 store' before it's demolished https://t.co/iuws95VTwH
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