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10 minutes
Former content moderator sues Facebook, claiming the job gave her PTSD
15 minutes
Dallas cop charged with killing neighbor in his apartment has been fired https://t.co/Coje9AZVPx
30 minutes
Prince George pulled some adorable moves at another fancy wedding https://t.co/XelioGaaHn
45 minutes
Two female 'Bachelor: Vietnam' contestants leave rose ceremony together in never-before-seen twist https://t.co/Gil0JXELuc
This is the best way to fight with your partner, according to psychologists https://t.co/aNuxHpWobq
This gifted seven-year-old demonstrates how the national anthem is done https://t.co/5aCDPM9aTh
Detroit police officer fired after posting racist picture on Snapchat
You definitely missed the romantic ’something blue’ Meghan Markle wore at the royal wedding https://t.co/i7tHhetlHA
Michelle Obama drums up voter participation at Las Vegas rally https://t.co/Acx5GYK2e3
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Kavanaugh tells Fox News he was a virgin in high school and 'for many years thereafter'
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