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Latest Scoops

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Are dictionaries getting more political? Noah Webster was dismissed by one contemporary linguist as 'a thirsty reformer' https://t.co/5abHJS3Qun
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Bill Gates shares the 5 best books he read this year https://t.co/mHLEQPZJl2
"What it's really like to return to work after having a baby" https://t.co/VnDzawjSrj
Justice Ginsburg hails immigrants as the 'vanguard' to fight discrimination in speech to new citizens
50 years in, Van Morrison can’t stop making new music https://t.co/Te6SDw9ekj
Russia claims U.S. unwilling to hold talks on alleged violations of the INF treaty
President Trump says Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will leave by end of year
What salary should you ask for? Here's how to figure out what you're worth https://t.co/8XkFXnUDP3
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