Tennessee GOP

This is probably the most important video to watch for anyone concerned about our democracy. RT THE HELL OUT OF IT! #SethRich 

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I’ll just say it: All “pod” based coffee makers — no matter how high end — are inferior to traditional drip coffee. I don’t know if it’s the tech or the kind of coffee in the pods. But I’ll take a traditional pot of diner coffee over any of these new-fangled things.

Ex-Bush official shreds Barr for serving Trump’s ‘authoritarian’ ambitions

The goal of white nationalists is to define all those who are not like them, not white, not Christian, as UN-American, different, lesser, apart. The Trump Administration has been trying to advance that goal from it’s outset. The GOP supports it.

Media: Ukraine meddled in 2016 Democrats: No Thats a conspiracy Media: Yes its a conspiracy Ukraine did not meddle

The Justice Department's Inspector General is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee today about his report that found no evidence of political bias that led to the beginning of the Russia investigation.

@McFaul  calls Trump's obsession with Russia 'truly bizarre' and that there's 'no reason' for Lavrov's visit at the White House.

My favorite thing about this is that by citing the press, other outlets say Cruz pushes a conspiracy Got it, we cant trust the press, say no more

Best of 2019: Fans celebrated Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s 86th birthday by ‘planking’ in her honor – a nod to her love of fitness