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This is probably the most important video to watch for anyone concerned about our democracy. RT THE HELL OUT OF IT! #SethRich 

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Breaking News: Harvard and M.I.T. sued the Trump administration over a move to strip visas from foreign students whose courses have moved entirely online

On my pillow Can't get me tired Sharing my fragile truth That I still hope the door is open #SweetNight 

PM kept saying no one knew about asymptomatic transmission of corona virus.. but govt scientists were looking at it as earlier as January....

Matt Hancock confirms NHS track-and-trace app will be adapted to identify staff who haven’t paid for hospital parking.

Two people who painted over California Black Lives Matter mural charged with hate crime

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A nonprofit that investigates school funding inequities in America found that predominantly white school districts get collectively $23 billion more per year than predominantly nonwhite school districts.

Boris Johnson told PMQs that he never said care homes were to blame for the coronavirus crisis in the homes. So James O'Brien listened back to his words... @mrjamesob  | #PMQs 

Hong Kong was such a special place, where there were all of the freedoms that people of Hong Kong were promised by Chinese Communist Party. We’d love to preserve the freedom in Hong Kong; but if we can’t, we’re going to hold CCP accountable: Dept of State quoting US Secy of State

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