Swin Cash

Swin Cash

@pelicansnba VP of Basketball Operations/ Team Development @cashforkidsus ? https://t.co/tJKIMRXaQe #Teamwegrindin ?

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Listen, I braided @S10Bird  hair in college and I can safely say she doesn’t have eyes in the back of head lol...BUT lord knows my girl can pass that ??... Just give her the ? and she’ll deliver it! Storm vs Lynx #wnbaplayoffs  #wnba 

Rest in Power BJ... My deepest condolences to his family, friends and @HoustonRockets  org. Your smile, laughter and love of life personality will be missed by our whole @NBA  family. I appreciated your kind words of support & encouragement for me always. Rest easy my friend ???

Good Morning World.... This message from our VP Elect Kamala is a Big Mood✨✨Across All industries ✊?

@NBCNews  @rolandsmartinT  @RepConorLambhank  You for representing Allegheny County and Pa with integrity. Continue to speak truth because this hypocrisy is a disgrace‼️

Shout out to the fam @TheJetOnTNT  for giving @StephanieReady her flowers ? Steph is killing it on TV but she was first woman to coach in men’s professional league... ???

Good luck to all the ladies kicking off @WNBA  training camp today and year 25 for the W! @Finisher_11  & I sending love from NOLA & @PelicansNBA  #Countit 

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Lots of fun chatting with you Lindsay! Thanks for all your support of the @WNBA  & me with the @PelicansNBA  ❤️Canada I’ve got nothing but love for you ask @TheReal_NAW1  ☺️ ??

If this isn’t real life than I don’t know what is? Saint obviously wanted to ask for everything under the sun while I was working ??‍♀️ Moms I know y’all feel me‼️ Thanks Dan for having us ? between a busy day of work& Saint’s practices we survived LOL Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

Shout out to @nyliberty  CEO @KeiaClarke  👏🏾For Years She’s been Looking out for Liberty legends & I expected nothing less in year 25💪🏾 #OwnTheCrown  Love To See It! @WNBA  #countit 


Ride In Together, Ride Out Together #WBD  Nice Work @B_Ingram13  ✊? ... Hell of a team win Fellas! @PelicansNBA 

? Congrats on your 500th win @AlvinGentry  ... We Make It Rain ?? @PelicansNBA  @nba  #WBD 

Feels good watching both @NBA  @wnba  in the same season? Just saying the mutual love, cross promotion and support looks good ? ??✊?

Congrats @B_Ingram13  on your 1st @NBAAllStar  game! Proud of you B ??1. You came to NOLA humble & hungry for the journey ahead. 2. Put the work in without the lights 3. Where they tried to put a ? mark, you put ??❗️ Earned?? It’s in you ? #Letsgetit  @PelicansNBA  #WBD  @NBA 

Love to all my @WNBA  sisters?✊??? I know y’all are trying to focus on the upcoming season in the bubble. Despite the foolery Continue to use your platform and stand on the right side of justice like you ALWAYS have done! #Proud  #BlackLivesMatter 

I’m gonna say this because it’s on my heart and then I need to take a beat. But Kobe was real & authentic in his support of women in sports. I see a lot of women calling on men to support BUT you also need to support! It’s about time we hold ourselves accountable as well!

Literally the US right now looking for countries allowing us in for vacation... #WearAMask 

Here’s My Plea For My Son and His Future... ??✊?

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