Susan Delacourt

This is the oddest concession speech I've ever heard; this one that @ErinOTooleMP  is giving. It's like tonight's results never happened and the next election starts no #elxn44  #cdnpoli 

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Sen. Sanders: “The problem is not with the President, the problem is with members here who, although they are very few in number, they are a significant minority, think that they have a right to determine what the rest of the Congress should be doing,” per @JessicaDeanC @alizaslavBS3

Virginia!! I need you to get out and vote for our incredible candidate for governor, and my friend @TerryMcAuliffe . The stakes are too high for you to sit on the sidelines—VOTE!!

“We will have plenty of time to discuss that,” Raphael Warnock just told me when asked about McConnell’s endorsement of Herschel Walker in #gasen . He then added of Walker: “Has he moved to Georgia yet?”

what a mess of a negotiation never seen anything like it

NEW YORK (AP) — AP Sources: New York Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat who investigated Trump and Cuomo, will run for governor.

On this day 3 years ago we experienced the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in America’s history at the Tree of Life Synagogue. 11 precious lives were lost & many more forever changed. May their memories be a blessing & a reminder to speak out against hate & violence.

D’s are stuck now promising lots of popular policies and then disappointing base by killing them one by one. But not sure alternative approach — leading with smaller focused bill — would have gotten them to this place or just set a lower baseline for centrists to cut in half.

Federal agents would get to see house and car payments, how much Americans spend on groceries and gas, heating bills, school costs for our kids, and everything else we spend just to get by. The IRS would be in just about every American’s bank account.