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Missed tonight's #BBCLeadersDebate  ? You didn't miss too much... @NatashaC  fills you in on who won #GE2019 

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Delhi: The first meeting of the Ram Mandir Trust concludes; Nitya Gopal Das named President, Champat Rai named General Secretary and Govind Dev Giri named Treasurer of the Trust

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Saying “hur hur McGovern” in 2020 is the equivalent of saying “hur hur James Cox” in 1972.

Fox & Friends blames homelessness on "lawlessness" in "inner cities," then touts Trump's clemency for rich criminals

10 years ago Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio teamed up in #ShutterIsland . Here's 20 movies to watched if you loved the psychological thriller:

Reality Winner, a former NSA contractor convicted of leaking confidential information to the media, is asking President Trump to cut short her sentence, court documents provided by her attorney show.

Perspective: Belittling activists like Greta Thunberg because they are young is a mistake

Do you think that protesters blockading rail and truck traffic are conducting legitimate protests?

There's a great progressive candidate. She can unite the party and win the election and advance the progressive agenda. There is no reason to vote for or support a candidate with a similar agenda and many disqualifying flaws. Her name is @elizabethforma .

JNU sedition matter: Delhi Police has written a letter to Delhi Government to expedite the matter.

Greece wants the UK to return ancient marbles it says were stolen from the Parthenon in the 1800s, as a condition for EU trade. Under a draft post-Brexit deal, it called for the UK to give all "unlawfully removed cultural objects" back to their home countries.

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