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#CarrieLam: “The #HKSAR  govt has failed to have a deep understanding abt ‘one country, two systems’ in order to handle it well" 🙁

Yes why? @2GB873 : Why do we need missiles to fight #COVID19 ? @MarisePayne : Well, we don't..what we do need to do is to protect #Australia 's national interests to equip the ADF with what they need to address a changed environ. whether that is the intro of more military bla bla bla

That's nice. Ancient Aboriginal underwater archaeological sites discovered, and a new frontier for study

The excellent ex-Asia correspondent Hamish McDonald calling out more more #auspol  “boofhead diplomacy”

Germany’s #AngelaMerkel  rocks, unlike boofhead governments of #Australia , #UK  and the #US  ... says right of asylum available to all, including Hongkongers, displays gracious #diplomacy 

And only a while ago Chinese students were stopped at the borders treated with contempt ... #Australia  shows how much it loves money, #Chinese  money. All v confusing, #auspol ! #Australia  set to open borders for international students"

Ping An virtual bank, HSBC ease processes in battle for SME sector

Why has it taken so long for this line to appear "The one thing it reminded me of, was unless you walk in the shoes of the Indigenous boys, you don't understand what it means to them and the impact it has on them." Sam Newman apologises to #nickywinmar 

The grotesque country that is #USA  - systemic rape of child gymnasts, paedophile by #Epstein  & co & overt #racism  #BlackLivesMatter  ... This is the country #Australia  idolises?


#Australia to literally fly in international student cash cows. #Desperate  much? #Hypocrisy  by #Australia . Don't like China but like Chinese money?

#Canberra refuting claims there's racism against Asians in Australia is like saying the sky isnt blue. And, the racims has been around a long time. Fighting it just makes it worse. If you need a reminder of it, read and watch below #auspol  @echewy 

This is a bloody #awesome  story .. when the great #kpopstans  take aim, you know something is very, VERY wrong. #Trump  and his supporters should be v careful "Why the #BTSARMY  and other K-pop fans are aiming their activism at Trump" RallyFail#TrumpRallyFail  #BTS 

@BarnsGreg  It's interesting. #Australia  cries foreign interference from states. Has it ever cried interference from the #US , probably the biggest interferer of any country ever seen, bossing, murdering its way into governments with guns & wars? That to me, is interference. #auspol 

The #Australian  govt is warning ppl abt saying #racism  is rising? Wow, that's a new low, @MarisePayne : "The disinformation we have seen contributes to a climate of fear and division when, at a time like this, what we need is cooperation/understanding". See video fr Apr. @echewy 

#Canberra , why the outright lie, even if political? "We rejec #China  ’s assertions in this statement, which have no basis in fact" Turning a blind eye to it again? Imagine the trauma after being beaten up like the girl in the vi #Australia  #racism  #auspol 

#auspol. And so it begins ... Chinese port bans imports of Australian coal, sending dollar tumbling

Latest #COVID19  #Australia  visa changes for temp visa holders.."You're asking them to go home. So this clearly means you are here for us when we are generating revenue, but clearly not in times of adversity": students #auspol  @echewy  #coronavirus