Why does it take a photo of a polar bear stranded in a town in Siberia for us to finally sit up and take notice of the climate change crisis? #climatechange  #GlobalWarming 

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Mask up! We can all do our part to prevent the spread of #COVID19 ! Thanks to our friends at @ussoccer  for these great masks made from national team jerseys! @USWNT  @USMNT  @AbbyWambach  @cobijones  @kammarmanMNT  @GeorgeChiampas 

With TV money not the same because of streaming and Covid-19/20, from College to Pros we will see a new sports calendar formed moving forward.

From 9pm join me and @FlippinKath  for our radio show that's not a radio show. We are joined by @Epithemiou  and we are taking calls from first timers only. You can switch the pictures off and just listen!

If I don’t melt before 10.30 tonight, I will be joining @carolewalkercw  on @timesradio  to do the newspaper review. 🥵 📻

An observational study found that people with COVID-19 who received these drugs early fared better than those who received them after they became critically ill.

Skip the military presses for this more joint-friendly exercise.

We believe the Oversight Board will be unable to address the damage Facebook is inflicting on society unless Facebook itself amends its content policies or empowers a truly independent Oversight Board.

Internists around the world 🌍 are making us #IMProud  like Ghansham Singh MD, FACP providing public education on TV in Guyana. Share your #COVID19  experiences through a story/picture/video and tag colleagues who are #IMEssential  .

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President Trump falsely claimed that children are "almost immune" from the coronavirus, but a new review of state data finds child cases are up 40%.

When kids don't have enough to eat, their education suffers. CARE has delivered more than 100,000 CARE Packages in #Atlanta  so students can focus on what matters.