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“The world is a white man’s festival, so being able to carve out our own space is so important.” @paulaakpan #VisibleWomen https://t.co/u0m4OBBsfU
9 books you need to read to boost your career, according to successful entrepreneurs https://t.co/k3VEQBv9Vs #MondayMotivation
This is why failure may actually be the secret to long-term success https://t.co/ge4kDQ0aId #MondayMotivation
30 things I still don’t know despite being 30 https://t.co/IiatZZOJCu
Twitter erupts over “hidden faces” spotted in @NetflixUK’s #TheHauntingOfHillHouse https://t.co/7Wqw2xikEZ
Temperatures are dropping: welcome to comfort curry season https://t.co/xrrx9DgWSN
According to a new study, the ability to handle being the butt of a joke may influence our romantic lives. https://t.co/NDrIqZbv9M
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