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NYT indulges in beat-sweetening at a moment when the whole republic is at risk, not to mention our lives.

The @Apple  event just ended with a massive Trump subtweet with an elaborate crawl explaining how it was made w social distancing, masks until speaking, testing, and probably silver crosses to ward off Republicans.

So if TikTok has a security bug, they can't fix it and update users?

Years from now people will look back on any presidential debate that ignores climate change and immediately judge the questioner(s) as criminally incompetent.

Lots of people writing about how Facebook has integrated all its properties. For how this happened, see the chapter, "The Next Facebook," in Facebook: The Inside Story, which details Zuckerberg's plan and execution.

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Page makes weak objection then lets Pence ramble off subject for a minute past his time. Harris tries to respond, Page barks “15 seconds!!!”

In 2018, Mark Zuckerberg came to @karaswisher 's podcast with a talking point about how his tolerance for Holocaust denial showed @facebook 's commitment to free expression. It seemed obviously wrong. Today, FB finally changed policy.

"Whether he intended it or not, Thomas’ words are a dog whistle to those who want to hobble social media’s ability to filter out lies that poison the culture, endanger our health, and generally make us hate each other."

Now that it's Monday, why not goof off and read the @sundaylongread  I curated? Some excellent stuff in there, and it ends with a poem called "Pandemic Puppy."


The @backchnnl  "actual teen" is back--writing about another teen using @instagram  for social change!

The one person I want to speak to when a pandemic hits, is epidemiologist @larrybrilliant . Here's the edited version of our conversation--a mix of terror and reassurance.

100 days after our previous interview--viewed by millions--I spoke with @larrybrilliant  again, whose view of the pandemic is unparalleled. His words are informative, inspiring and, sadly, very disturbing.

35 years ago I wrote about RMS in “Hackers.” So I had to address the significance of Stallman’s fall and The Reckoning at MIT.

1/ The first glimpse of Facebook: The Inside Story is now on @WIRED . The excerpt centers on Mark Zuckerberg and his lost notebook. It provides a revealing window into his thinking....

A co-founder reconstructs how a stalled product turned into a hit. The product is @instagram .

Orig enroll site: $200M to build, $70M/yr to maintain. USDS revamp: $4m to build, $4M/yr.

FB will ask former GOP Sen to examine News Feed for "liberal bias." Also consult w Heritage foundation. I think zero chance they would ever say that FB isn't biased, no matter what evidence. Because they are, uh, biased.

My exclusive look on how Apple uses machine learning and AI.

Google Glass is back! This time, for work. I visit a factory in Midwest for exclusive story.