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4/ What would Klain do now if he were in charge? Number one answer seems to be to have a plan and one person to lead its implementation, using all of government...

This week's PLAINTEXT newsletter: why making ventilators isn't the same as designing Macy's windows display.

Ira Einhorn, the subject of my second book, is dead. He murdered a wonderful person, Holly Maddux in 1979, fled on bail, got caught and sentenced to life. The story finally ends.

1/ So I interviewed @RonaldKlain , Obama's Ebola czar and current Biden advisor, for @WIRED . There were a few things I really wanted to know....

Speaking of Einhorn, the @nytimes  ran a surprisingly long obit...

Almost fell over in grief when I saw Fran Lebowitz trending. Turns out it's this great interview.


The one person I want to speak to when a pandemic hits, is epidemiologist @larrybrilliant . Here's the edited version of our conversation--a mix of terror and reassurance.

The @backchnnl  "actual teen" is back--writing about another teen using @instagram  for social change!

1/ The first glimpse of Facebook: The Inside Story is now on @WIRED . The excerpt centers on Mark Zuckerberg and his lost notebook. It provides a revealing window into his thinking....

35 years ago I wrote about RMS in “Hackers.” So I had to address the significance of Stallman’s fall and The Reckoning at MIT.

A co-founder reconstructs how a stalled product turned into a hit. The product is @instagram .

Orig enroll site: $200M to build, $70M/yr to maintain. USDS revamp: $4m to build, $4M/yr.

FB will ask former GOP Sen to examine News Feed for "liberal bias." Also consult w Heritage foundation. I think zero chance they would ever say that FB isn't biased, no matter what evidence. Because they are, uh, biased.

My exclusive look on how Apple uses machine learning and AI.

Google Glass is back! This time, for work. I visit a factory in Midwest for exclusive story.

I covered the 90s crypto wars and now they're back. Here's why.