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Contemplating this American moment is essential because the crisis will worsen and become more dangerous. What is it that we are watching unfold in front of us? What does it mean? What is at stake? What was the meaning of the Republican Convention? What happened there? (1)

This convention is a bubbling cauldron of delusion, insanity and grievance.

While Pam Bondi, the ethically challenged and corrupt former Florida Attorney General is lying about the Biden Family and repeating the talking points of Russian Intelligence Services it’s important to remember the Trumps are barred from runnning a charity because they are crooks

The Commandant of the USMC should be prepared to resign over this. It represents an outrageous politicization of the US Military. It is another political disaster on the watch of Sec. Esper and General Milley. Unacceptable.

180,000 Americans are dead. The economy is wrecked. Russians are paying Afghan Warlords to kill Americans. This convention is taking place in an alternate reality. Trump is a vile incompetent who has divided the country and unleashed chaos.

Mike Pence just told the most spectacular lie of this convention which is overflowing with them. There is no vaccine on track to be ready by the end of the year. Pence is a hypocritical and sanctimonious liar who worked for the cigarette industry. Remember that as he deceives

The desecration of the White House for Trump’s perverse political use is an abomination. The question of whether voters care about the Hatch Act is beside the point. It is the law. Trump’s convention was a pageant of breathtaking dishonesty, racial incitement and demagoguery. 1/

Wait. The thugs in the black uniforms are loose ? Seriously? Where are they? I hope someone intends to ask him at the #5’oclockfollies  today. @ProjectLincoln 

Do Not Be Afraid. Do Not Tremble. Do Not Waiver. Do not doubt either the goodness of our people or the possibilities for our future. Do not let small men with tyranny and malice in their heart @realDonaldTrump)  or hypocrites with no core @VP)  make you afraid for our future