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#RIPKellyPreston , who I met with her husband a @SunscreenFF  years ago, who got on her hands and knees with me in a dark nightclub, searching for something I’d dropped under a couch. (1/3)

How long until @realDonaldTrump  demands the #Washington  #NFL  team be renamed after himself?

I wish it were “Washington Team Football,” so the helmets could be adorned with “WTF.” #NFL 

Just learned about the #TrumpMashedPotatoes  thing, in which his sociopathy is traced to a pre-pubescent food fight. Makes sense.

New retirement job idea: Socially distanced Santa Claus. Christmas is coming, and there’s no knee-sitting that’ll happen. I do a Zoom with two dozen children at a time - “Whaddaya want? Been good? Next.” - for $20 a face. Starts Halloween You know, for the kids. @kickstarter 

#RIPWilfordBrimley , the last of the “Cocoon” seniors who filmed in St. Pete, who I interviewed for a 25th anniv. retr @TB_Times  . Mr. Brimley told me he left with the best souvenir, a 128-pound tarpon caught offshore from the Hilton. “Biggest fish I ever caught," he said.

Just put off the third driveway contractor’s estimate with a texted “Thanks” but it spellchecks as “Thanos,” and my driveway is screwed.

Overheard at HH, from Laurel & Hardy-types: “I’m the biggest square you know.” “You’re the roundest square I know.”

Idea for @MLB  and @RaysBaseball  With all these photo fans in the stands, make lotteries out of HRs and foul balls. I might buy a $50 cutout, if there’s a chance that it gets hit by a baseball for a big prize.

Watching “Scarecrow,” that isn’t a horror flick but one of the 70’s overlooked gems (except @ Cannes). Early but great Gene Hackman and Al Pacino, road movie angst at it’s finest. Now, if I can see “Drive, He Said” once more, I’ll sleep happier.


One of today's treats was seeing Angelina Jolie interacting with kids, some in tears to meet her. Never a fan, honestly, until today.

Two weeks ago, Mom asked for ⁦⁩ as a 93rd birthday treat, and hundreds liked her tweet, including the candy maker. Here’s their sweet response:

#TellurideFilmFestival class photo. #EmmaStone  was last to arrive and slid in safely.

On the day @Buccaneers  unveil new(old) uniforms, the first @TomBrady  shirt arrived from @TB12sports . Thanks @NFLSTROUD  for the heads-up!

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is equal parts the finest concert movie about fictional musicians ever made, and the Blake Shelton-Gwen Stefani Lifetime biopic we all want to see.

As someone old enough to remember Streisand’s movie debut in Funny Girl, I’m ready & willing to make the comparison with in . Or Liza in Cabaret, or in The Rose. Perfect melding of artist and stretching material. Love the Judy tribute, too.