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From the November 1967 NBC special "One Year to Go," which looked at how the civil unrest of the previous few years would shape the 1968 campaign, here are Richard Nixon, George Romney, George Wallace and Ronald Reagan on urban riots:

28 years ago today: Presiding over a spelling bee during a visit to a Trenton, NJ school, Vice President Dan Quayle instructs 12-year-old William Figueroa to add an "e" to the word "potato":

Quinnipiac poll finds 52-44% support for removing Confederate statues, up from 39-50% opposition in Aug. ‘17. Biggest shift is among college+ whites: 2017 Support 44% Opppose 46% Now Support 63% Oppose 34%

This is the most lopsided general election poll I can find from within 6 months of a presidential election: July 1976, just after the Democratic National Convention and with the GOP race between Ford and Reagan still to be settled at the August convention:

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Full results from Kentucky counties are now coming in. Fayette (Lexington), the 2nd largest, shows: In-person vote: Booker 72-23% Mail: Booker 49-44% Overall: Booker 50-44% As others are noting, Booker probably expected/needed a bigger margin here.