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November 7, 1989: After finishing less than 50,000 votes behind David Dinkins in a tight New York City mayoral election, Rudy Giuliani quiets supporters demanding a recount and instead concedes defeat and urges unity behind the new mayor "in the highest spirit of our democracy":

I'll be talking about the recent election on "Around Town" on the Groton, Mass. cable access channel this week -- show will air Thursday night at 7:30:

Against all odds, the staples held through the election, but now I think the time has come to finally retire my tie

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With a few House races still outstanding and likely to be settled by a handful of votes (with potential legal maneuvering to come), here's a look back at one of the closest, most contested and most politically consequential House races of all time: Indiana's Bloody 8th in 1984...

As I explained to the Gap, I already have three pairs of pants, so I'm all set for next decade or so. I think this plan makes more sense:

Been a fan for years and it’s incredibly exciting to get a chance to take part in Sunday Night Football