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BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, accidentally posted confidential data on 12,000 advisers online. Spreadsheets categorized them as “dabblers” or “power users” and also noted their “Club Level” including the “Patriots Club” or “Directors Club.” https://t.co/JMFsxCvP6I
WSJ: Snap recently pushed out two senior executives after a probe conducted by an outside law firm found that one of them "had allegedly engaged in an inappropriate relationship with an outside contractor"

Not the kind of Dow chart you see every day
WASHINGTON (AP) — State Department tells US diplomats to return to work, says it's found money to pay them despite government shutdown.
Healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson is partnering with Apple to find out if the Apple Watch Series 4, which has an ECG on it, can accelerate the diagnosis of AFIBs, a leading cause of strokes.

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Tim Cook calls for the FTC to "establish a data-broker clearinghouse" which would make all brokers register, allow consumers to track transactions that have sold their data and allow users to delete their data "freely, easily and online, once and for all."
Apple, the world's 4th most valuable public company, is going to cut back on hiring. The move comes after Apple cut its Q1 earnings guidance, due in part to iPhone sales issues in China. CEO Tim Cook hasn't settles on which divisions will pull back yet. https://t.co/fyV2Jn5qNF
According to Reuters, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May will deliver an unexpected statement at 5p ET / 10p London
Breaking on @DowJones wire:

*Federal Prosecutors Pursuing Criminal Charges Against China's Huawei

*U.S. Huawei Investigation Centers on Theft of Trade Secrets
In lawsuit against the maker of OxyContin, the Mass. AG "contends that [fmr. co. president Richard Sackler] urged that sales representatives advise doctors to prescribe the highest dosage of the powerful opioid painkiller because it was the most profitable"https://t.co/PLc3ZnVEfn
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