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Latest Scoops

A's Catcher Becomes First MLB Player to Kneel for National Anthem https://t.co/WRxRRBycAU via @nbcbayarea
Tom Price to halt taxpayer-funded travel on private jets https://t.co/sNjPVGn7ij via @politico
Exclusive: Trump, GOP to cut top rate to 35 percent (via @axios) https://t.co/SPcaBPvWK7
Another Day, Another Escalation in U.S.-North Korea Standoff https://t.co/JoIWsmPifD
The off buttons in iOS 11 dont actually turn things off https://t.co/5ldlp2FFas
Donald Trump rescinds White House invitation to Stephen Curry, Warriors - USA TODAY https://t.co/jQlHHwbHBD
WASHINGTON (AP) — US government tells election officials in 21 states hackers targeted their systems in 2016 but most systems not breached.
PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine says she's 'leaning against' latest GOP health care bill, cites major concerns
U.S. monitored Manafort after he left the Trump campaign https://t.co/LnoeGJWwPJ
HHS secretary has used a private plane at least 24 times on the taxpayers dime https://t.co/G5Sj07kQAE
Buffett, who has given away $46 billion (not a typo) since 2000, is the most charitable billionaire per new analysis https://t.co/PTGAiqNkJF
Short-seller Jim Chanos is betting against burger stocks because of McDonald’s resurgence https://t.co/qu4XufvgmW via @firstadopter
For the first time, a woman is set to become a Marine Corps infantry officer https://t.co/qEQdbvfk9J via @usatoday
Richest woman on the planet, Liliane Bettencourt (daughter of L'Oreal founder), has died at 94, according to a statement given to Reuters
"Ukraine is coming along pretty well. Pretty well" - Trump with President of Ukraine right now
Apple’s Global Web of R&D Labs Doubles as Poaching Operation
NEWS: Trump says "We will be putting more sanctions on North Korea" when asked about possible announcement later today
FPL spent $3 billion preparing for a storm. So why did Irma knock out the lights? https://t.co/BfLi5jWios
Twitter Will Meet With Senate Intelligence Committee on Russia https://t.co/Iz4o8T76oA
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