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"Democrats and the political left say big money corrupts politics. Now that the big money will be used against President Trump, we’re not hearing complaints about spending" they rail against "billionaires" - until it's THEIR billionaires 🤣🤣🤣🤣

remember @JonahNRO  when you said i was crazy to push for decoupling from China? jus @MaraLiasson  now: "bipartisan consensus that we should decouple from China" as Tony Benn said: first they say you're mad, then you're dangerous then they say they agreed with you all along!

every barber shop, every hair salon, nail salon...all the small businesses on the brink of collapse thanks to the shutdown: OPEN UP, tell them Nancy Pelosi says it's ok!! yeah good luck with that if you're not an entitled Democrat hypocrite🙄 #NancyAntoinette  #PelosiMustGo 

save time over Labor Day weekend to read this super-clear explanation of the woke ideology, and why it's such a threat to our democracy the woke zealots increasingly remind me of the Communists, and how they treated my family in Hungary. now i know why:

"after the Obama/Biden recession the economy took three YEARS to recover jobs as quickly as in the last three months" - millions of jobs added - workforce participation up - manufacturing rebounding #HappyLaborDay2020!  #PositivePopulism 

"conservatives supposedly ignored evidence, data and facts on things like climate change. But the media simply chose the facts that suited its own narrative and picked another set when they were no longer convenient. Now it’s transparent" @gerardtbaker 

if roles were reversed, imagine Schumer saying: “It is our solemn duty to set aside our ambition to remake the court and patiently await the outcome of the people’s decision" 🤣🤣 @gerardtbaker  "hypocrisy is itself a political norm with a long pedigree"