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What is the worst horror movie you ever saw? For me, BLOOD FEAST.

@BevVincent  I try never to pay for gas with a credit card if I can help it. Too many computer-savvy crooks with readers installed on self-serve pumps.

Paying cash for gas is inconvenient, but what’s REALLY inconvenient is having someone who’s stolen your credit card info buying a diamond for his girlfriend and a new sound system for himself.

The Guardian, on the superlative LINE OF DUTY: This is less like watching TV, and more like being abducted by it, cuffed, then dragged along. It's one of the best police series I've ever seen. Impossible not to binge. Bears comparison to THE WIRE.

You know those peanut butter-filled cheese crackers, like Nabs? I wonder what GOURMET cheese crackers would be like.

There's a crane shadow in Spielberg's DUEL.

I just watched 16 BLOCKS yesterday and loved it. Good director.

Donald Trump was and is a narcissistic nut-job. He must never be allowed in a position of power again. The man is a demonstrated danger to the country he claims to love.

Republican lawmakers who continue to indulge his fantasies are dancing with the devil.


Trump did this. It’s all on Donald Trump. Retweet if you agree.

Fuck your wall. Split that 5 billion between at-risk children who don’t have lunches and vets who can’t get proper medical and psychological treatment. Fuck your vanity project. Do something good for once.

You lost, you miserable self-entitled infantile fucker. Concede and get the hell out.

He knew. He lied. 190,000 people died.

850 Americans died of COVID-19 yesterday. None got the special “antibody cocktail.”

Armed soldiers against peaceful protestors? With the president's enthusiastic approval? Are you shitting me?

Dear Texas: Your governor, Greg Abbott, is trying to suppress your vote.