Steve Bannon / National Security Council

Steve Bannon was removed from the National Security Council. No word on when he’ll step down from his role as president.

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Steve Bannon / National Security Council

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I do not have enough wine in the house to get me through this shitshow

"Will you shut up, man?" - the World

Teachers paid $7,239 Firefighters paid $5,283 Nurses paid $10,216 Donald Trump paid $750. Period. That is unacceptable. #debates2020 

if you’re missing the debate, you can recreate it on your own by putting a fork and a fistful of rocks in the garbage disposal

Under Joe Biden's plan, a family of four would save almost $750/month on health insurance. What could your family do with an extra $750? #Debates2020 

FACT CHECK: Herman Cain died from covid from Trump's campaign rally. #Debates2020 

#HANNITY LIVE POST-DEBATE REACTION TONIGHT! Sean will be live in Cleveland with @DonaldJTrumpJr , @SarahHuckabee , @AriFleischer , @JudgeJeanine , @mercedesschlapp , @dbongino , @GeraldoRivera , @TheLeoTerrell , @Rep_Matt_Gaetz  &am @HeyTammyBruce ; . Watch LIVE at 11PM EST or set your DVRs!

the simple truth is none of this is real and we all died 4 years ago

Chris Wallace symbolizes American democracy itself tonight. He is outmatched, overwhelmed and gaslit by a president who won’t respect norms, won’t follow the rules and won’t even listen. This is a slow-motion tragedy. #Debates2020 

Given Trump's refusal to abide by the rules, the Biden campaign should not agree to the remaining two debates. The Commission on Presidential Debates—a private entity—has utterly failed us: The voters. Total disgrace. #Debates2020